10 Deep Dark Secret Of Hollywood Stars That Were Only Recently Exposed

10 Dark Secrets That Expose the Truth About Hollywood

Hollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the world. This industry has all the fame and money which every person wants. Lots of people are struggling to get work in Hollywood and enjoy the fame and popularity that everyone wants. 

Well, there is another area of Hollywood that’s quite different from the assumptions. Since the mega-producer Harvey Weinstein got exposed then lots of secrets from Hollywood also get exposed. People will get introduced from the other side of Hollywood. 

If you also want to join Hollywood for money, fame, red carpet appearances, and millions of adoring fans you also may have to face some consequences too. 

In this blog, we’re going to introduce you to the 10 Dark secrets which expose the reality of Hollywood. So, if you’re ready to face the dark side of Hollywood then just stick with this discussion. 

10 Deep Dark Secret Of Hollywood Stars

10 Deep Dark Secret Of Hollywood Stars


Paparazzi are available for hiring and this will be very beneficial for creating a better brand image if a celebrity. Hollywood celebrates hiring their photographs and writers who create highly tempting photographs and release them to magazines. 

10 Deep Dark Secret Of Hollywood Stars That Were Only Recently Exposed 1

Also, they help complete the real brand image of the actor. They photoshop the photographs and provide various stunning posts of the actors who have been announced for the magazine and the actor or celebrity will get a good response without placing any attempt. 

Suppose, you’re looking at photographs which are in the magazine where the main actor is posing. Have you seen the picture properly? Think again because when you see the picture you’ll think that the actor is very young like he was in 2016.

Well, this is the effect of hiring paparazzi so that they have their photographs created with photoshop and the image gets excluded in the media. 

Illegal substances are allowed on sets

In various movies, we saw illegal substances in the movie scenes but you know that the availability of illegal substances is allied on sets. Well, this is the harsh reality of the limelight of Hollywood that most actors get addicted to illegal substances.

Actors are taking drugs for supreme performance. Some actors attain anxiety of facing the audience again and again. To improve their performance actors take drug doses. 

Using drugs is not legal on sets but this is the dark secret of Hollywood that actors use drugs freely on sets that are completely prohibited. One of the most legendary actors including Dennis Quaid claimed that they have a casual addiction to “Cocaine”.

When Dennis Quaid started his career then they faced various insecurity and anxiety problems. He uses cocaine to improve their performance and he will get addicted to it. 

The use of illegal substances like Cocaine and drugs freely on sets by Hollywood actors is making it stylish and cool. This will unduly influence the youth and the youth will get addicted to these illegal substances. They’re not promoting a drug-free society, instead, they’re encouraging the uses. 

Publicity Stunt 

We’re in 2022 and at this time publicity stunts are not new in Hollywood. Actors are not going to leave a single chance to get popular and to get the attention of the audience, actors are doing Publicity stunts.

In the year 2014, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were selected for a magazine together and they were comfortable working with each other. They have created a fighting scenario and this gossip will get released in the media. 

Both the actors are not ready to work with each other and the result was canceling of vogue. The chief editor of the magazine wants to mix the 2 colors of people on a single cover page form but both the actors stand against one of them.

The board members of the magazine are going to cancel their subscription to the magazine but the matter becomes shorter after some time. 

The point is, that the actors and actresses sometimes perform various unusual stunts to get fake publicity and the attention of the audience.

This becomes common in Hollywood and sometimes these stunts become life-changing and career-changing. Come celebrate and enjoy the benefits of these publicity stunts but some may also face consequences too. 

Walking on a red carpet is not easy, the actors are also under the eye of cameras 24/7. The media will always search for news regarding celebrities all the time. Not only this but the appearance of the celebrities will also play a crucial role in their career. They’re always in front of cameras and they have to maintain their figure and body all the time. 

Eating Disorders

To look slim and gorgeous, actors and especially actresses follow very difficult diet plans which turn to eat disorders many times. Many examples in Hollywood have faced eating disorders and gotten into problems.

Demi Lovato (Hollywood actress) is remembered at the age of 2 and 3 years. When she looked down at his stomach then she wondered if she ever got a flat belly or not.

Well, after so much struggling accordingly, she will get a good body posture when she becomes a recognized actress in Bollywood. But, this will take her to the problem of an eating disorder and she faced a lot to become normal. 

Naomi Watts, Ashley Graham, and many actresses have faced this issue of eating disorders, and plenty of actresses are now facing it. 

Casting Couch 

Casting couch is also a dark reality of Hollywood. Various actresses have confessed in their interviews that they have faced the situation. Casting couch acts have got the opportunity for a role in a movie in exchange for sexual favors. 

We don’t know how many actresses have faced the casting couch to get work in Hollywood but some actresses like Megan Fox have explained the reality of the casting couch in front of the media. 

According to the actresses “The struggling actresses who have auditioned for a role get a call for a meeting.

They become excited and start dreaming about the rights of their career in their mind. When they reach the meeting spot then they realize that it was just a play.

There is not a meeting anywhere the producers, or main actors just want sexual favors from the girls to provide a role in their films”. 

Casting couch has been happening in Hollywood for many years. Various actresses accept their proposal to get the role in the movie but some actresses neglect to do this unethical stunt. The various actresses also raised their voices against this but this is still happening on the dark side of Hollywood. 


Plenty of people are unaware of the things that Hollywood was controlled by the mafia. If you’re also unaware of this thing then let us tell you that it’s a complete truth. 

In the 1950s, it was found that underworld don Mickey Cohen ran Hollywood. All the decisions which are taken in Hollywood are under the supervision of 

Mickey Cohen ran. In the upcoming time, various magazines expose the unethical and immoral control of Mickey Cohen in Hollywood. 

One of the popular magazines named Lifetimes issued an expose of the mafia world in Hollywood with their magazines named “trouble in Los Angeles”. Various other magazines also expose various secrets about the availability of the Mafia in Hollywood. 

Illegal activities increased at that time in Hollywood and lots of unknown deaths also happened that were never exposed. Well, this Hollywood is free of the mafia but no one knows the harsh reality. 

Fixers can fix anything here

There are some of the most popular fixers in Hollywood too. Every celeb who is in Hollywood would face critical and bonded situations in their career.

Lots of negative stories of Hollywood celebrities have been rumored in the media which becomes a reason for loss for many Hollywood celebs. 

When they are stuck with a media controversy or caught doing unethical activities then they call fixers. Michael Sitrick is one of the most popular fixers of Hollywood.

Fixers are those persons who can turn negative stories into positive stories. He protected plenty of actors from rumors and media controversies. 

The need for fixers occurs when an actor or a Hollywood celebrity is stuck in a legal situation and faces a negative response from the audience. Fixers generate positive stories and generate a positive image of the actor in front of the audience. 


Ageism is also a rumored issue in Hollywood. Yes, Ageism is still alive in Hollywood and lots of Hollywood actresses are taking the issue when they get exposed in the media. An actress named Margot Robbie faced a lot of backlash in their career when their real age was introduced in the media. 

It is common for actresses to hide their age and use makeup to hide their real age. 

Exposure to the real age of the actresses will backlash their career. This was the trend in Hollywood and that’s why various actresses hide their real ages from the media to have a long acting career in the lead role. 

Hollywood actresses are also very serious regarding the exclusion of their real age in the media. One of the most popular Hollywood actors named Junie Hoang has sued a website for exposing her real age to the audience.

She lost the case and the judge announced the decision in the favor of the website but the page on Ageism got opened in front of the audience. 

In Hollywood, the youth is king and if someone has crossed the age of youth then he/she will face a backlash until he or she gets a huge break in Hollywood. 


Well, this is one of the darkest secrets of Hollywood that Hollywood celebrities perform. Actresses who have a big contract with the filmmaker will live away from their partners.

They spend most of their time with their co-stars and crew members. Some actors or actresses have their weak points and they become unable to manage them.

The result was that the actor or actresses cheat on their partners. The majority of the relationships like this just stay until a movie is wrapped but some get serious and become juicy cheating. 

One of the finest actresses Angelina Jolie also got stuck in this situation where she went into a serious relationship with Brad Pitt who was already married. The result of this stunt is that Brad Pitt divorced his wife and got married to Jolie. 

Kristen Stewart who was also one of the most famous Hollywood celebrities was stuck in this creating scandal when Robert Pattinson and caught making out with his director named Rupert Sanders. These are the top 2 cheating scandals in Hollywood which have happened till now. 

Love Child 

Having a Love Child is also a dark secret of Hollywood. Lots of Hollywood celebrities have introduced their love child when they got success in their career. 

Eva Mendes managed the growth of their love child from the media. This baby was hidden from the media and Eva Mendes grew this baby hiding from the media.

LIV Tyler also introduced his biological baby. Likewise, many love children in Hollywood give an immoral impact on the audience. 

Child Abuse

The availability of child abuse is a harsh reality in Hollywood. Here, the reaction and behavior of the audience regarding the child actors. Kevin Spacey, Corey Feldman, and many other Bollywood child actors have faced the issue of child abuse in Hollywood. 

Weinstein scandal, Feldman has found the actions of child abuse in their shows. Feldman replied to his amusement with other actors in Hollywood and got a response from the audience. 

Final words

So, here we have discussed the top dark secret of Hollywood which show the dark reality of Hollywood in front of you.

Yes, Hollywood has everything which you want but you have to be aware of something which will let you down in your career. We have discussed this information to inform the youth who are willing to enter Hollywood to make their career in acting. 

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