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Bella Dueñas Video Viral Bailando Telegram, Twitter

Renowned influencer Bella Dueñas sparked a social media trend following a controversial conclusion to a live broadcast on her TikTok account. During her farewell to fans, she discreetly made the “sign of violence” with her hand—a signal employed by women to silently request help in situations of sexist violence.

This gesture, involving raising the hand, tucking the thumb inside the palm, and bending the remaining fingers downward, gained prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic as a means for women globally to draw attention to the violence they experienced during lockdowns.

Bella Dueñas Video Viral Bailando Telegram

Bella Dueñas Video Viral Bailando Telegram

Recently, Bella Dueñas’ uploaded content has raised concerns among her fanbase due to her peculiar demeanor, leading some internet users to suggest that she appears “possessed.” Additionally, her content has taken a shift toward the mysterious and paranormal, with a focus on documenting alleged supernatural events in her surroundings or the hotels she visits.

Bella Dueñas, originally from Monterrey, is a prominent content creator active on major social platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Despite holding a dentistry degree, she shifted away from the dental profession after realizing it wasn’t her true calling. An enthusiast of Taekwondo since childhood, she incorporates discussions about the martial art in her videos. Beyond that, she shares insights into makeup, beauty tips, and hair care.

video de bella dueñas bailando

Recognizable by her long, curly, red hair, Bella often engages in cosplay, dressing up as characters from video games or movies. With an Instagram following of 1.3 million, over 14.6 million fans on TikTok, 145,096 followers on her X account (formerly Twitter), and 7.18 million YouTube subscribers, Bella Dueñas claims to have a combined fanbase exceeding 45 million worldwide.

The recent shift in her video themes has stirred controversy within the internet community. Some fans express genuine concern, while others criticize her newfound interest in paranormal content, labeling it as a marketing strategy to attract attention and gain new followers.

Bella Dueñas describes herself as a “poet at heart, dentist by knowledge, and influencer by profession.” As of now, the Monterrey native has not issued any statements regarding the recent controversial episodes.

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