Best Steam Iron in India 2022 UP to 20% OFF

Steam Iron is one of the most essential home appliances which is helpful to make your cloth ironed. You’ll be required to have clean and attractive clothes while going to the office or any other official occasion.

Well, there are so many options which you easily consider online. From the lots of products, getting the best product is a tough task to do.

You have to complete proper research on different products and after that, you’ll be able to find a good product for you under an affordable budget.

We have shortlisted some best-quality Steam Iron for you after completing huge research on the online platform.

We have selected the top 3 steam irons which are high-quality products available online. So, if you’re looking for Best Steam Iron in India then see the content below.

3 Best Steam Iron in India 2022

1 Philips EasySpeed GC1028 Steam Iron

Best Steam Iron in India

Philips is one of the best home appliance manufacturers in India. Their products are high in quality and highly durable. This product is filled with features and accessibility.

This product is powered with 2000 Watts electrical current which helps you provide high-quality streaming on your clothes and quick warming. It is a powerful product that gives more than sufficient power which your fabric requires. 

This iron attains Ceramic Coated Soleplate which provides non-sticking features of your iron. So, you don’t have to worry about your clothes.

This steam iron attains a Drip Stop system which helps to maintain the level of temperature on different types of fabric. This attains a strong holding so that you can easily hold the steam iron and iron your clothes with decency. 

Product Specification 

Material:- High-quality plastic and metal

Steam Boost Capacity:- 100 grams

Manufacturer:- Philips

Electrical Capacity:- 2000 Watts


  • Build quality is superb. 
  • Non-sticky surface. 
  • Temperature control system.
  • 2000 watts electricity consumption. 
  • Value for money product. 
  • High durability. 


  • This iron may feel a little bulky. 

2 Morphy Richards Super Glide Steam Iron

Best Steam Iron in India

Murphy Richards is now becoming a popular brand in India. Now, people are choosing to have the steam iron of Morphy Richards.

This product attains 46 steam holes that spread the stream and cover a wide area. This will provide a good quality iron in your clothes. This reduces the time of ironing your clothes. 

The weight of this product is very handy. It is a lightweight product that attains a 350 ml water tank.

This product attains a Premium ceramic coated soleplate surface which helps to clean every single crease from your cloth. This iron also attains a Safe-iron technology which prevents the cloth from sticking when getting ironed.

With the turbo-boost technology, it spreads 150 grams of steam which reduces the time of ironing and removes every crease from your clothes. 

The build quality of this product is extreme. It has a wide surface so that it covers the majority area of your clothes and removes all the creases from your clothes.

You can easily adjust the level of temperature for providing effective ironing on different types of fabrics. 

Product Specification

Material:- Made with high-quality plastic and with a high-quality soleplate. 

Steam holes:- 46 Steam holes that can spread 150 grams of steam. 

Warranty:- Mentioned in the box of the product. 

Manufacturer:- Morphy Richards


  • ISI-approved product. 
  • Attains a 360° cord for effective use. 
  • Value for money product. 
  • Made with high-quality material. 
  • Lightweight product. 


  • Cord length is comparatively low. 

3 Philips GC1920 Nonstick Soleplate Steam Iron

Best Steam Iron in India

If you’re looking for an Iron which attains a non-stick soleplate with a lightweight design then this product will be best for you.

Non-stick soleplate helps to make your cloth ironed without any risk. Sometimes clothes get burned due to overheating of the iron.

The availability of a non-stick soleplate will reduce the risk of cloth burning. In this iron, you can also adjust the level of temperature according to the material of your fabric. 

This product is one of the most efficient, effective, and affordable iron which is available online. This iron attains the feature of spreading 17 grams of steam per minute.

With the 350 ml water tank, you can easily iron the bulk of your clothes. The company provides a 2-year warranty with this product which is applied from the date of purchase.

With the availability of 1440 Watts electric supply, you’ll get effective ironing on your clothes. 

Product specification

Material:- High-quality Plastic with the nonstick soleplate 

Design:- lightweight and compact design. 

Warranty:- 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. 

Manufacturer:- Philips


  • A good amount of Cord length. 
  • The steam capacity of this product is superb. 
  • Affordable product. 
  • Temperature adjustment meter. 


  • Comparatively less durable. 


So, here we discussed the best Steam Iron in India. All the products which are discussed above are ISO certified and attain a high build quality. You can easily buy any one of them for yourself according to your requirements. 

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