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Haris Namani street fight video viral on twitter


Recently, Haris Namani who is a street fighter got offed to the villa, people claimed that this incident happens because of the recently released viral video of Haris Namani Street fight.

A few days ago a video was released in which Haris Namani is seen getting engaged with a shop manager in a street fight. 

Currently, He is in an event and continuing his fight for entertainment.

The recently released video of Haris Namani is getting viral over Twitter and various other social media platforms and due to this, to avoid controversy the event authorities take action regarding Haris Namani. 

Haris Namani Street Fight Leaked video 

Haris Namani street fight

Haris Namani is one of the most loved fighters. Also, he is one of the calmest fighters who never gets trapped in any type of controversy but this time a small video of a few seconds brings him into the controversy. 

In the video, Haris was seen simply walking over the street but a store manager came to him and started challenging him.

He knows his strength and that’s why he tried to avoid the fight but the other person didn’t listen to him. 

He starts fighting with Haris. Firstly, Haris starts defending himself but things go wrong when Haris gets angry and punches the face of another person.

The other person is about to knock out and leave the fight. He walks over the street and then comes the next knockout punch from Harris. 

After the second punch to his face, the man gets completely knocked out and falls over the street.

An unknown man shot the complete video and posted it with the tag Paris Namani Street Fight video over his Twitter account.

This video goes viral on Twitter and people start searching for the video of Haris Namani. 

People start sharing them over various other social media platforms like Youtube, Reddit, and many others. Plenty of websites claim to be the official owners of the video and provide a dedicated link.

All this kind of stuff is completely fake. The real owner of this video who posted the video on his official Twitter handle is @hforhoes

Where did the Harris Namani Street fight happen? 

This fight happened in downtown Doncaster, South Yorks in the previous year.

Yes, this is not a current video but since the video is getting shared over the internet and getting more viral day by day, it creates more controversy for Haris. 

The current event in which Haris joined the fight is creating issues on behalf of this video and plenty of people claimed that Haris left the villa because the administration of the event kicked him out.

Well, let us tell you that this is not true. The reason Haris leaves the villa is not because of the viral video.

The reason is still undisclosed as to why Haris left the villa but we’re over this incident and whenever we get any update regarding this, we’ll update you. 

Well, the possible reason Why Haris left the villa is the routine formalities. A few days ago, a fighter attempted suicide at the event and succeeded in it.

After the alarming suicide of a fighter, the administration of the event is calling the fighter for health checkups and measures mental health to avoid another attempt of suicide. 

Well, our team is over this incident, and whenever we get any update regarding this event then we’ll update you.

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