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Mike Itkis Bucket List Bonanza Leaked Video Viral


Mike Itkis who is a member of the US assembly had a leaked video with a lady who is recognised as a personal star.

Mike Itkis Bucket List Bonanza

This video is going viral on the Internet, it was first introduced on the Twitter platform by an unknown account but after that this video got viral on various social media accounts.

If you’re willing to watch the video and willing to know more about the video then you’re at the right place. 

Bucket List bonanza video 

A few days ago, a video got posted on Twitter in which a couple is engaging in a printing activity.

Well, this can be recognised as an unrecognized and underrated porn video or recorded S$X video but this video is more than this.

The reason behind this is that the video is attained by a person who belongs to the political affairs of America. 

In the video, people see Mike Itkis who is a Member of the general assembly in US politics and a reputed member of a well-recognised American political party.

In the video, the couple who has Mike Itkis and a lady is getting comfortable over the bed and start intimating with each other. 

This is a 13 minutes video and people are going mad after seeing the video of the most reputed personality in American politics.

This video is listed with an unknown user on Twitter. After getting posted, the video got viral and people started sharing the video on various other platforms also.

This video got in trend within the painting interval of 2-3 hours and after that, the keyword became the most searched keyword over the server of Twitter and Google also. 

Mike Itkis Bucket list bonanza Video

The response of Mike Itkis is very mixed. Well, let us tell you that getting the official link to this video is quite difficult to get because the video is getting deleted from the server for security reasons and to protect Mike from getting into heavy controversy.

Also, when the media asked about the video then he said that she got trapped by the Bucket bonanza and was also aware of the people getting leaked on social media platforms. 

People should be aware of the bucket bonanza and be protected while intimating with someone. Also, he talked about the girl and said that the girl had around limited followers on Instagram and very few people know about her.

Well, the real identity of those girls featured in the video is unrevealed but at the request of the media, he disclosed that he met. with her at the party and from that time they loved each other and turned on each other. 

Also, added the comment they didn’t provide their consent towards the video and the video is getting leaked by someone else.

They denied the claim that the video was posted with their consent. Now, the video is officially deleted but still circulating on some of the underrated websites and social media platforms. 

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