5 Best Electric Shavers For Men In India

This time, when everybody knows about the Black Friday sale on Amazon India it’s time to recheck your list and ensure it contains everything that you may want to have in your cart.

Are you sure that your shopping list contains all your essential needs?.

You better Relook than regret later because it can be assumed that discounts are going to be huge this time.

Your brand-new clothes may level-up your personality but don’t forget your facial hairs after all everyone is going to be mad over your looks tonight.

All you need to have an appealing personality and a shaver that could complete all these needs.

Do you really think that your ordinary shaver will be just perfect for you? How long you have been using your shaver or when you were last in a store to buy a shaver?.

Can’t you think and come up with a correct answer? Ooh my boy, you really need some serious shaver suggestions.

Here, we would enlighten you about the best shaver in the Black Friday sale that you cannot resist having in your hands.

Let’s start discussing the Top 5 shavers to buy in Amazon.

The following table comprises complete information about shavers that you need to know before trying your hands over the Black Friday Sale Amazon.

Product NameRatingBatteryDisplay Blade typeShave typeTimmerCleaning unit
Braun Series 9 9095cc3.950MLEDFOILWET & DRYYES        YES
Braun Series 7-790cc4.350MLEDFOILWET & DRYYES        YES
Philips Norelco S97213.950MLEDROTARYWET & DRYYES        YES
Panasonic ES-LV81-K ARC54.245MLCDFOILWET & DRYYES        YES
Panasonic ES-LV61-A ARC54.345MLCDFOILWET & DRYYES        YES

Though we have gathered a piece of complete information about all of these best shavers in the market you better run your eyes over the features in brief here.

Let’s go and explore everything that you need to know about shaver and trimmer before consuming your money.

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The following list is tailored by professional salon owners to convey a piece of complete information about shavers and trimmer to make your shopping experience like never before.

Along with the list, we ensure your budget and help you to take your hands over the best shaver in the list.

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1. Braun Series 9 9095cc

If you have been browsing for an electric shaver that could meet your expectations then you don’t need to search any further.

This is a must buy shaver that you couldn’t resist adding to your cart.

Black Friday sale on Amazon India 

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Along with its ultimate features and inbuilt cleaning kit, Braun comes up with the best shaver under this Black Friday sale on Amazon India that would change your shaving experience completely.

Braun series owns some serious features that make its shavers dissimilar to the rest of other ordinary trimmers.

Besides shaving your beard in order this decisive Braun electric shaver can trim your facial hair.

It’s such a great feature that this shaver has inbuild safety foams aside from its foil blades to prevent you from any cut or rashness.

This Braun shaver comes up within three color variants and other ultimate features:

  •   Foil style blades
  •   A Sleek and shiny look
  •   Led indicator
  •   Cordless charging port
  •   Wet and Dry shaving… And more

One cannot resist getting his hands over such a great product under Black Friday Sale Amazon India.

Tall credit for this technology goes to the Braun company that patents all the rights of Syncro Sonic Technology.

Braun Series 9 Shaver is made to provide a smooth and comfortable shaving to its users to make each shaving experience better and ultimate.

With its turbo-foil-blade technology, it allows you to shave closely without having any cut or rash on your face.

This shave is available at many online shopping websites but due to its high demand in the market, it might out of stock.

You can add this to your card easily from here and experience another side of shaving.

Shaving machine amazon

2.Braun Series 7- 790cc

This ultimate shaver gets second place in this list because of its amazing features and quality that make it incomparable with others but still, it cannot beat Braun Series 9.

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So, if we talk about the quality of this shaver in comparison to Braun 9 series, then everything is almost similar but a few changes have been made in the term of performance.

This is another shaver to come up with its foil-blades and cordless charging feature.

You can either shave wet or dry because this shaver allows you to indulge in both experiences.

If you forget to clean your shaver then it has an inbuilt cleaning kit that helps you in its better maintenance.

Braun Series 7 has 7 different shaving modes to allow you to adjust your shaving method.

This ultimate shave from the Black Friday sale on Amazon India comes up with two sensitive and turbo feature so that you can choose the convenient one to shave amazingly.

Did you know that most of Braun’s shavers are blessed with an amazing Sonic Technology that allows setting the speed of blades at your convenience?.

Besides having such engaging features one more feature it has that would compel you to add this shave to your list.

It has a 4-section alcohol-based cleaning system that allows you not to worry about its cleaning. Would you wonder to see this in your friends’ fist?.

Anyways, get this right away from here and visit Zoutons to get exclusive promo codes and a Black Friday sale on Amazon India. Shaving machine price amazon.

3.Philips Norelco S9721/87 Shave

You may have heard about Philips, especially when you are searching for the best electric shavers.

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As being one of the leading Home and Kitchen appliances brands, Philips leaves no stone unturned to engaging your type of beard lovers.

Among thousands of its electric shavers, we have picked up the best one to place on this list.

You cannot just pin all your hopes on Braun and therefore This Philips Norelco is here to make you think twice before taking any decision.

It comes up with some ultimate features to compete with the best shavers and trimmers in the industry.

Below are the features of this shaver that you cannot overlook at any cost.

  • Top Features of Philips Norelco S9721
  • The sleek and handy design
  • Rotary Blades
  • Two battery
  • LED indicator in front
  • Wire-free charging system

Its cordless charging features helps you to get rid of the network of wires around your hands while trimming or shaving your facial hairs.

Do you know the most benefit of using rotary blades in a shaver? Let us tell you about the biggest advantage of this shaver before we go to further information.

You don’t need to rotate your head like a duck anymore.

This shaver comes up with rotary blade technology that rotates itself instead of wants you to set your head in the right position.

If you don’t want to shave daily and love to see your beard growing rapidly then this shave is made only for you.

With its ultimate features, this is an ideal electric shave for everyone who loves to shave in distance.

Meanwhile, if we talk about the cleaning kit then it includes a cleaning kit that contains facial brush and cleansing tools.

Besides such features, it has an LED indicator that shows you its life.

It has more features like a cleaning kit, battery warning, travel lock-system, and many more to make this one of the top 5 shavers to buy Black Friday Sale on Amazon India.

You can add this to your cart from here and follow the following steps to get an amazing Black Friday deal on this Philips Shaver.

4.Panasonic ES-LV81-K ARC5

If you have been done with using all ordinary electric razors and looking for something unique and advance and here is the best shaver for all your needs.

Panasonic comes up with the finest quality of electric shavers.

Black Friday sale

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This shaver is just an ideal choice for every man and we can bet you that you would fall in love with its sleek and easy to use design.

Along with its short and handy-design, this Panasonic ES-LV81 is placed third in this list.

It has everything that you need to have in your shaver. From trimming to sharp-shaving and advance technology, everything is available in this shaver.

A high-speed motor produces 14,000 CPM that is just enough to shave your facial hair conveniently. This shaver heads 5 cutting elements to give you an ultimate shaving experience.

These blades are installed at a 30 degrees angle. Along with its wireless charging unit, this is the best shaver to shop under Black Friday Sale Amazon.

If you don’t want to waste your time in the queue outside the malls and supermarkets then add value to your cart right away.

Below are the further details to get this ultimate electric shaver at home.

Complete your purchase from the link below and get amazing discounts on your overall cart value.

5.Panasonic ES-LV61-A ARC5

If we talk about the range of quality products in Panasonic then here is another shaver from Panasonic that you would like to have at your home.

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You don’t need to look any further for your needs because this electric shaver has everything that would make you crazy over its sleek and handy design.

Whether you love to have a long beard or expect more, this shaver comes up with some amazing features.

With its easy-to-use switch and LED indicator, Panasonic will make you crazy about its products.

If you cannot maintain its cleaning then don’t worry because it has an inbuild cleaning kit that works during charging.

It doesn’t need you to waste your couple of minutes in its cleaning after using it.

Another special feature of this Panasonic Electric shaver is its Built-in sensors. Now, you don’t need to worry about anything while shaving your beard.

It gives you an amazing shaving experience without leaving any mark on your face.

You can undergo a smooth shaving experience like never before.

Would you like to add this to your cart right away? Purchase this shaver in Black Friday Deal through the link below and get amazing discounts.

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