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Titus Low Leaked Video Viral on Twitter and TikTok

Content creator Titus Low Kaide faced a fine of S$3,000 and a three-week jail sentence on October 12 for uploading explicit content on Twitter and violating a police order by accessing his OnlyF account. Low, 22, pleaded guilty to these charges, admitting to transmitting obscene materials to his Twitter account and failing to comply with the police order.

Titus Low Leaked Video

Titus Low Leaked Video Viral on Twitter and TikTok

Starting an OnlyF account in April of the previous year, Low earned over US$240,000 by October 2021, boasting more than 1,900 active subscribers and 4,000 expired ones. Investigations began after a police report in September 2021, revealing an explicit video of Low found on a 12-year-old’s mobile phone.

Despite police orders not to access his OnlyF account, Low regained access by falsely claiming he had been hacked. He proceeded to upload more explicit content for his paid subscribers. This breach was discovered during an investigation when the passwords were changed, but Low regained access by contacting the OnlyF helpdesk.

In court, Deputy Public Prosecutor Thiagesh Sukumaran emphasized the key issue of Low willfully disobeying a police order. The prosecutor sought a S$3,000 fine for the explicit material charge and a four-week jail term for defying the police order. The defense lawyer requested a probation suitability report or a fine, highlighting Low’s troubled childhood and diagnosis of an adjustment disorder.

Titus Low Leaked Video

While the defense argued that Low had become “reclusive” and shunned by the public eye since the charges, the prosecutor presented articles showing Low’s continued public presence. District Judge Brenda Chua noted Low’s determined efforts to regain access to his OnlyF account, demonstrating a disrespect for police orders. The judge considered the repeated behavior a blatant disregard for the law.

Low faced a potential jail term of up to three months or a fine for the transmission of obscene material electronically and up to six months, a fine of up to S$5,000, or both for failing to comply with the police order.

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