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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada That Will Make You Rich

Are you in Canada and searching for a high-paying job in Canada? Well, if yes then you’re at the right place. 

In this discussion, we’re going to discuss the best high-paying jobs in Canada and tell you the best and most highly profitable jobs which an individual can have with expertise in different fields. 

All the jobs which we’re going to discuss below are very popular and demanding in Canada. 

So, if you wanna get a high-paying job in Canada then the below-discussed jobs will be the best option for you. 

List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for 2023


A cardiologist is a person who has specialized knowledge regarding the cardiovascular and heart systems. This specialist deals with the medical condition of persons who are facing any kind of high issues. 

There are very few cardiologist doctors available in Canada and Canada has a higher demand for cardiologists. This is one of the high-paying jobs in Canada. 

Cardiologist specialists work to identify, treat and aid cardiovascular issues in the body.

Also, people facing issues regarding high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and atrial fibrillation consult a cardiologist. 

To become a cardiologist, an individual has to complete graduation from 4 to 5 residency programs that focus on issues with the cardiovascular system.

After completing graduation, you have to complete your internship with physicians and surgeons to practice your knowledge. 

Salary:- Salary of a cardiologist in Canada is around $280,591 per year. 


The second most popular and high-paying job in Canada also belongs to the medical industry. Anesthesiologists are doctors who provide their service to the members of surgical teams.

Their work is to make their patient secure and asleep. An anesthesiologist is a kind of specialist who works with his team for providing services regarding anesthetic medications and pain control. 

To become an anesthesiologist, an individual will have to complete a 5-year complete residency program under a specialized recognized anesthesiology institute.

Anesthesiologists specialists are specialists in the Liver, Heart, Lungs, Brain, and kidneys. 

Salary:- An Anesthesiologist can earn around $358,908 per year. 

3.Chief Marketing Officer 

Every multinational and domestic requires a marketing officer who creates new ways to establish marketing and promotional tactics for every organization.

The chief marketing officer is one of the high-ranking executives who plan for promoting the products and services of the organization. 

To become a Chief Marketing Officer you have to complete your Master of Business Administration from a recognized university.

After completing your MBA in the marketing field you can enter to become a Marketing officer in any organization through various ways. 

Salary:- A chief marketing officer earns around $109,196 per year. 

4.Vice President 

The Vice President is the top management member of a company. This is one of the best, most reputable, and most luxurious jobs in Canada.

The work of the Vice President is to deal with the decisions and issues of the company and ensure the survival of the company in the present business environment.

After the Chief Executive officer, the Vice President holds the second most important position in the company. 

Salary:- A Vice President in Canada earns around $135,578 per year and this job is one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. 


Orthodontists are highly qualified and specialized dentists who are specialists in the treatment of crooked teeth. This is a service job where the doctor helps to identify and treat irregular bite patterns. 

To become an Orthodontist, you have to complete your degree and practice as an Orthodontist under the supervision of any specialized and professional Orthodontist.

These are one of the most demanding jobs in Canada because there are very few in count in Canada and there is a high demand for Orthodontists. 

Salary:- The salary of an orthodontist dentist is around $209,373 per year. 


Surgeons are also medical professionals and are counted as one of the most reputed and high-paying jobs in Canada. The surgeon is a specialist who cuts and treats inner body disease.

They’re the medical officials who treat infection, broken bones, and other internal body conditions. 

To become a Surgeon in Canada you have to complete your medical degree from a reputed college.

Once your degree gets completed then you have to take a 5-year residency in Canada with a minimum of 2 years of training experience under the supervision of a professional surgeon. 

Salary:- A surgeon earns around $279,646 and the job of the surgeon is one of the high-ranking jobs in Canada. 


We all know that a physician is also a medical professional whose work is to diagnose and treat the illness in the body.

Physicians are divided into various types, you can work as a physician in various places and sectors like in a hospital, engage in n family practice, and open a dedicated clinic.

A medical degree is also required to be a physician. So, you have to complete your medical degree and also be available for residency in Canada. 

Salary:- If the Physician opens his clinic then the amount can’t be determined based on your knowledge and area. If he is in the hospital or family practice then he/she can earn around $254,847 per year. 

8.Software Engineering Manager 

This is one of the most demanded jobs not only in Canada but globally. Software engineering managers are people who design and develop various kinds of software programs and applications.

Software Engineering Managers don’t have to design every specific software but play a role of an expert under their supervision the new interns will learn the work.

These are one of the most important assets for a company (especially if the company is a software company). 

Salary:- A Software engineering manager earns around $143,044 per year. 

9.Director of IT 

The Director of IT is one of the high-paying jobs in Canada in the IT sector. The IT director of the company is responsible for everything that happens in the IT division of the company. 

For this, you have to acquire a degree in computer science, business administration, or engineering. 

Salary:- An IT director of a company earns around $117,890 per year in Canada. 


Psychiatrists are also medical professionals who focus on mental health and diseases.

The specialty of Psychiatrists is the exploration, identification, Manage, and prevention of emotional and mental illness.

Patients who have mental illness consult a Psychiatrist and there is a huge demand for Psychiatrists in Canada. 

This is one of the high-paying jobs in Canada. A medical degree is required to become a Psychiatrist from a recognized university.

Becoming a Psychiatrist is tough because you have to understand the nature and reactions of the human brain to different emotions, behavior, and conditions. 

Salary:- A Psychiatrist in Canada earns around $298,065 per year. 

Wrapping Up 

Here we have discussed the top 10 high-paying jobs in Canada.

After going through this discussion we can easily identify that there are huge opportunities in the Medical sector if you want to work in Canada.

Students who belong to medical fields will get huge working opportunities and good perks in Canada.

So, if you’re planning to work in Canada then these are the best jobs which you can pursue in Canada to get a high pay with other benefits. 

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