Watch Waka Sabadell Video Viral on Twitter and Reddit

      Waka Sabadell Video


      Recently, a video is going viral on various online platforms. The video was posted on 23rd December this year. Since the video was posted on social media handles, the online media became eager for this video searching on various social media platforms.

      Yes, you’re right, we’re talking about the Waka Sabadell Video which was recently launched on Twitter and Reddit.

      What is in Waka Sabadell Video 

      The video is pirated and just attains the edge of the happenings of last weekend. After the leak of Waka Sabadell’s latest video, the Sant Quirze del Vallès City Board of Trustees requested the Generalist to take action regarding the leaked video and close the Waka Sabadell Club. 

      Watch Waka Sabadell Video on Twitter and REDDIT 

      Waka Sabadell Video

      This video attains a child molestation case and this is the area that people are searching for in this video. The Waka Sabadell officials leaked the video posted by an unknown social media user and the first appearance of this video is recorded on Twitter.

      Waka Sabadell’s video becomes one of the most trending topics on social media and online viewers are eager to get the official link to this video. 

      Since the matter becomes worse due to the official video leak on Twitter and Reddit people are searching for the official link but they’re unable to find the right one.

      To find the right one you just have to visit the official social media platforms where the video is posted, like Twitter and Reddit. 

      In the video, you’ll see the nightlife of the clubs in Barcelona, and the incident is done in the club which is claimed to have happened twice this month. 

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      What is Waka Sabadell 

      Waka Sabadell is not a personality, it is a nightclub famous for the enjoyment and living nightlife in Barcelona. The club was in the news because of the recently happened child molestation case and now a new viral video makes this club more popular. 

      What happened in the Waka Sabadell Club in Barcelona? 

      Waka Sabadell is one of the most famous nightclubs in Barcelona. This club is famous for living the nightlife of Barcelona but this club is also in news because of its geographical location.

      This club is located in the Sabadell and the area in which the club is located is away from the administrative boundaries of the city and that’s why there is less administrative security available near the club. 

      The geographical location of this club is away from the residency which is between El Vallès and Sant Quirze and the surrounding area near Waka Sabadell is majorly industrial. 

      Last Sunday, at 6:15 PM an underage child was getting sexually molested and assaulted by the other people available in the club.

      A lady saves the child and takes care of him. The attacker of the child has not been arrested yet but the city police are working to get the culprits.

      The child is now safe and the woman who saves his life is taking care of him. 

      Waka Sabadell Club also faced the same event in February of last year when a man se-xually abused a lady. This recently introduced case is becoming very popular especially when the official video gets leaked on social media platforms.

      The leaked video confirms the statement of the kid and proof that the kid is actually molested and sexually assaulted by the attackers.

      The local police are searching for the attacker and the trustee of this club requested the board which operates Waka Sabadell to close this club after seeing so many cases of molestation in a year. 

      The video shows the molestation of the underage kid and thousands of people are available there.

      People are also protesting against this event and the regulatory board requested the Generalitat (operating body of Waka Sabadell and various other clubs in Barcelona) to step in and take serious actions accordingly.

      Well, the Generalitat will assure the people to take serious action in this event but didn’t announce the closing of the Waka Sabadell club yet.

      Local people protested continuously with the slogan of (Racist behavior) and put pressure on Generalitat to take the matter seriously and initiate the closing of Waka Sabadell. 

      Final words 

      Generalitat will announce its decision on Waka Sabadell very soon and probably they’re going to close this popular club in Barcelona.

      The official Waka Sabadell video is available on Twitter and Reddit. Visit these platforms and you’ll get the official video after searching some Twitter pages and links to Twitter and Reddit. 

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