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Ruben Lanao is currently at the center of attention due to an alleged intimate video that has been circulating on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Telegram.

Renowned for his skills as an accordion player, Rubén Darío Lanao, who collaborates with Silvestre Dangond, has become a trending topic on social media following the alleged leak of a video showing him engaged in intimate activities with a young woman.

Despite the lack of any official statement from the artist, the video has gained widespread attention, even spreading through platforms like WhatsApp. Reports suggest that in the heat of the moment, Rubén can be heard saying “Arrubenchate” to his partner. While some users have called for respect for the privacy of those involved, others have used the opportunity to praise Rubén’s musical talents.

Who is Ruben Lanao?

Watch Ruben Lanao Video

At just 19 years old, he is the son of the late accordion player Ruben Lanao, who passed away from Covid-19. Known as Lanao Jr., he has followed in his father’s footsteps from a young age, displaying musical talent since he was crowned king of vallenato in the children’s category at the age of 13.

Over time, Rubén nurtured his musical abilities, aspiring to play professionally alongside Silvestre Dangond. Their collaboration began 45 days after the passing of Rubén Lanao Sr., when Dangond reached out to his son.

The leaking of the video has sparked condemnation from some social media users, with concerns raised about the invasion of privacy. Others draw parallels with similar scandals involving vallenato artists like Yader Romero, speculating whether this incident might be a deliberate marketing strategy.

In the past, Ruben Lanao Video was romantically linked to María Fernanda Romero, host of the program “Lo Sé Todo,” leading to speculation about their relationship. However, after a video surfaced showing them sharing affectionate moments, their connection was described as fleeting.

Ruben Lanao Video

Amidst the speculation, Mafe Romero, questioned about her relationship with Rubén on “Lo Sé Todo,” later admitted to excessive alcohol consumption, shedding light on the situation.

The controversy surrounding Rubén Lanao has reignited discussions about privacy and the boundaries between public and private lives, particularly in the realm of artists.

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