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Kebaya Merah Viral Video


Welcome guys, Viral Video of the Red Kebaya Merah is a discussion that is currently being discussed by netizens. Because the discussion went viral and became more and more crowded with netizens on Twitter.

For netizens who are reading this article, if you don’t know about the viral video of the red Kebaya. You can listen to the discussion in the article below, because we will discuss it in full.

The video that has been viral lately has shocked the country today on various social media in the universe. Why is this discussion going viral and shocking because many netizens are curious about it.

This video is an adult video genre which is in the background of a hotel. In the video there is a woman who is wearing a complete outfit such as a red kebaya.

And also not only a woman wearing a red dress, but there are also other people. There is a man in the video who acts as the camera holder, and plays a role.

And in the video there is a role and a story run by the two men and women. Where the woman wearing a red kebaya acts as one of the hotel maids.

And the man in the video acts as a customer who rents a room at the hotel.

And in the video, the woman in the red dress runs the story by providing services from a hotel. The woman in the red dress started the video by giving the man an ashtray.

However, at the beginning of the video, the woman in the red dress was already wearing a mask that is usually used for dancing. And also the man in the video is also wearing the same mask as the woman.

So that it makes the two people who play a role in the video not see the faces or faces of the two people. And the story of the video begins with the woman giving the ashtray the man asked for.

What is in the Video? 

The video attains a couple (a man and a woman) who are living in a hotel room. They both have worn the party mask on their face.

The man available in the video had a towel on his waist and the girl who is in the video wearing a red dress and looking very beautiful and sexy. 

They’re shooting a role-playing video in which the man asked for the girl for having sex with him in return for money and fame.

The lady accepted the proposal and they both started getting intimate with each other.

The level of intimacy crossed the limit and people are getting crazy on various social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube and many other social media platforms. 


This video is about a shooter in Indonesia who had a very strict law for anti-pornography measures.

They restrict the creation of porn content throughout the country and still people shoot this type of video in the country.

Government place heavy laws and punishments for being caught but still, the market for pornography in Indonesia is wide.

Bali is one of the major places where pornography gets approached and plenty of porn videos will get recorded and shared on various porn sites. 

People also love Indonesian porn and buy subscriptions to various Indonesian porn sites to watch porn videos on a wide scale.

The government restricts access to porn videos and also places heavy penalties on the creation of porn videos. The government is doing a lot for stopping the pornography market in the country but the business is still on. 

“Both the persons who are featured in the video got arrested by the police of the city.

The creation of pornography in Indonesia is prohibited by the government. When the video got viral and recognised that the video is Indonesian then the police of the state started investigating this video.

Some hints like road signs appeared on the glass and wallpaper of the room helped the police to recognise the place of the hotel which is in “East Java capital”, police immediately responded and arrested the couple who appeared in the video”

Kebaya Merah viral video 

This video is special because of the female actress who played a stunningly sexy and tremendous role in the video.

The man who is available in the video is an actor who had already been featured in plenty of other porn videos recorded in Indonesia.

Well, this is not the major part, the major part is when we recognise the female partner in the sex video. 

The name of the lady who featured tremendously in the video is recognised the same as Kebaya Merah who is an actress in Indonesia.

She is very popular for having one of the most trending porn videos on the internet.

Since the new video reached the boundary of the internet people are getting mad for watching the video of this actress. 

Kebaya Merah leaked viral video Twitter

Kebaya Merah’s official video was released initially on Twitter but got so many shares by social media users, the video gets spread over all the social media platforms like You tube, Reddit, Instagram and many others.

We know that you’re desperately looking for the official link to this video for this you just have to visit any of the social media platforms where the video is released and when searching for the official video then you got the video.

So, go and watch the video of Kebaya Merah spread over the Internet and enjoy. 

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