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Chrisean Rock and Blueface Intimate Bedroom Video Leaked, Video Link Here


If you love to list American music then know who is Chrisean rock and blueface. Recently they got famous with a learning video where the couple is engaged in s*xual intercourse.

Chrisean rock and blueface

This video becomes the trending topic on every social media platform. This video was released on the 1st of October and on the same day this video got released on various social media accounts and became famous.

Well, the blame for leaking this video goes to Blueface. On 1st October, he introduced himself in live streaming on Instagram and where he leak a video of s*xual intercourse between him and blue face.

If you wanna know why he does this or who they are just stick with the discussion we’ll discuss everything in this single discussion. 

Who is a Chrisean rock? 

Chrisean rock is an American musician who is ranked as one of the top musicians in America.

She gives some tremendous hits to the American music industry and is recognised by the nation.

The most recent song from Chrisean rock which we can hear is Rainy Days which is getting released in 2022.

She was in a relationship with Blueface and this couple was one of the most famous couples in the American music industry. 

Who is Blueface? 

Chrisean rock and blueface

The real name of Blueface is Johnathan Jamall Porter who is professionally known by the name of Blueface.

He is an American rapper who gives some of the best hits to the American rapping industry.

In the year he introduced a song named “Respect My Crippin” which became viral because of his best performance in the music video of this song.

He got stardom with this song and later he introduced various other songs which became huge hits in America.

Chrisean rock and Blueface 

Chrisean rock and Blueface were in a relationship for many years and yes they were serious about their relationship with each other.

Some frequent relationship issues left them in a situation where they broke up with each other. 

Now, a video of their s*xual intercourse got leaked on social media where Chrisean rock and Blueface are engaged in s-xual intercourse.

This video was released by Blueface on his Instagram story. After leaking the video, some of his fans recorded the video and shared it on various other social media accounts.

It is news that blue face only leaks the video on his social media story (Instagram story).

From there, someone got this video recorded and after some time the video got viral and got posted on various social media accounts on hilarious platforms. 

The video confirms that the people who are engaged in s-xual intercourse are Chrisean rock and Blueface.

This is why the video got leaked firstly from the official Instagram account of Blueface and Chrisean Rock doesn’t deny having appeared in the video. 

Why did the video get leaked? 

Well, the reason the s-xual video of both the couple was leaked is the conflict between each other and the relationship issued among them.

When we go deep into this situation then we get the news that the problem starts with Blueface.

Chrisean rock blamed Blueface to cheat on her by engaging in a s-xual relationship with another lady who was an ex-wife of Blueface from which he has 2 kids also.

Chrisean rock blames Blueface for still having engaged in a s*xual relationship with his ex-wife. 

She also gets interested in his fans through her Instagram story while sitting in a restaurant with her friends. She said a lot like 

“I almost went to jail, yo. I swear to God,” the 22-year-old told viewers while live streaming from a restaurant with friends. “I broke everything in my hotel room in front of that n****. I broke the TV, the window” Well, she continued a lot. 

Note:- We’re unable to share the video here for legal reasons but if you wanna see the official video then the video is going viral on various social media platforms.

So you may scroll and on social media searching for the video, you got the video without any hustle. We’re unable to show the video in this post for known legal reasons. 

Phone Stolen case 

After answering her social media live stream a social media influencer stole his phone and started giving answers to the call when she was on her phone.

Well, nothing suspicious happens with this but she lost her phone after completing her live streaming on Instagram. 

It is also news that after completing the Instagram live streaming the mother of Blueface placed a call on her phone asking if her son is ok or not. Well, she replied “Maybe, maybe not. I might leave his body missing.” 

S-x Tap releasing Chrisean Rock and Blueface 

If you follow this couple then you know that in August they got revealed on Instagram that they gonna share their s-x take if they reached 100,000 subscribers on social media accounts.

“Yes,” it is true that blue face introduces this news in his live stream for releasing an official s-x tape after reaching 100,000 subscribers. So, this might be a publicity stunt to get the hype on various social media platforms. 

She (Chrisean rock) alleged to Blue of cheating and engaging physically with her ex-wife for whom he had 2 babies also.

She claimed that she confirmed this news and after that, they broke up.

When they broke up then Blueface comes over to Instagram and release the -ex tape in which Chrisean rock and Blueface are engaged in s-xual intercourse for only the fans’ page but the video got viral and the recording of the video is continuously shared on various social media platforms. 

We don’t know whether it is a publicity stunt or anger against themselves but the social media response to their s-xual viral video is mixed.

Some people comment that they got bored and had more interesting s*x with their partners. Still, the video is out and you can see this video on various social media platforms. 

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