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Rock Paper Scissors Yellow Dress Video Reddit Twitter


Recently, a video featuring a Rock Paper Scissors game has caused a stir across social media platforms. This video, part of a TikTok challenge, contains explicit content and has gone viral worldwide. It shows a boy, a girl, and a woman in a yellow dress playing Rock Paper Scissors. The twist? The winner gets to perform explicit activities with the woman, who is shirtless in the video.

Rock Paper Scissors Yellow Dress Video

Rock Paper Scissors Yellow Dress Video

In the video, the girl loses the game, leading to the boy removing his pants to engage in intimate activities with the woman. This controversial take on the TikTok Rock Paper Scissors challenge, where normally the winner gets the first bite of food, has garnered significant attention and backlash for its explicit nature.

The video, initially posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), quickly spread across various social media platforms. It was shared by the Twitter user @DankDahl on June 4, 2024, with the caption “playing explicit version of Rock Paper Scissor Challenge,” tagging two OnlyFans models. This video, featuring @DankDahl in a yellow dress, racked up 4.3 million views and 24,000 likes.

Rock Paper Scissors Girl

Rock Paper Scissors Yellow Dress Video

The Rock Paper Scissors video has become a hot topic online, especially after it was posted on X. It quickly spread to other platforms, showcasing explicit content between the guy and the woman in a yellow dress. The video went viral in June 2024, generating widespread reactions and numerous memes.

On June 7, 2024, Twitter user @Philmosoti reposted the video, which received 12.6 million views and 137,000 likes in a single day. The explicit nature of the video has made it an online sensation, sparking a wave of memes and discussions.

Rock Paper Scissors Video Twitter

The TikTok Rock Paper Scissors challenge took a controversial turn in this explicit video. The boy and girl played to see who would perform intimate activities with the OnlyFans model @DankDahl, who was shirtless in a yellow dress. The boy won and engaged in explicit acts with the model, leading to the video going viral on Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms.

The creator of the video remains unknown, but the explicit content and the ensuing memes have made it a trending topic online.

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