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Lucas Souza Video Leaked Twitter Reddit


Influencer and former military officer Lucas Souza, who was previously in a relationship with Jaque Grohalski, had an intimate video exposed by stylist Laéllyo Mesquita. In an interview with columnist Fábia Oliveira from the Metrópoles portal, Mesquita revealed that he had a relationship with Jojo Todynho’s ex-husband before Souza entered “A Fazenda 15” last year.

Lucas Souza Relationship with Jojo Todynho

Lucas Souza Relationship with Jojo Todynho

During an appearance on the Chupim program on Metropolitana FM radio this Thursday (9), Lucas Souza discussed the reasons behind the end of his relationship with Jojo Todynho, the winner of “A Fazenda 12.” The former military officer claimed that he was betrayed by the singer shortly after their wedding in January 2022.

“There was an incident right at the beginning of our marriage. She sent a suggestive message to another man, who was a PM officer. He shared a screenshot in a PM group chat, and someone from that group sent it to me on Instagram. That’s how I found out,” Souza explained.

Lucas confronted Jojo for an explanation, but she had little to say. “This issue was never fully resolved in our relationship. Over time, it made me feel very insecure,” he said.

The situation worsened when Jojo started following the same officer again on Instagram. “She followed him again, the same guy she had sent a heated message to. I had asked her to unfollow and stop talking to him, but she resumed contact. There were other incidents that further fueled my insecurities. It showed a lack of respect,” Souza added.

Lucas Souza Video Leaked Twitter Reddit

Lucas Souza concluded that reconciliation between them is unlikely. “Things got really bad between us. I didn’t want to break up, but it became inevitable. I kept worrying that she was talking to someone else and following him on social media, which made me very insecure and jealous. It was tough for me. Additionally, I think the media treated us harshly.”

“Jojo had her own insecurities too, as many people online accused me of being self-interested and only wanting her money. This affected her as well. I tried to be completely faithful and shared all the expenses. I even maxed out my credit card to buy her a luxury bag so she wouldn’t think I was with her for her money,” he added.

Lucas Souza Video Leaked Twitter Reddit

This Saturday (8), an intimate video of influencer Lucas Souza, ex-husband of singer Jojo Todinho, and stylist Laelho Mesquita leaked online, quickly causing a stir on social networks. In the images published by columnist Fabia Oliveira on the portal Metropoles, the two men share intimate moments between kissing and caressing.

A leaked video has revealed details about Lucas Souza’s personal life, which has been surrounded by speculation and controversy lately. According to Fabia Oliveira, Lucas and Laelho had a romantic relationship that lasted six months before Lucas took part in the reality show Hacienda 15 last September. During the program, Lucas met former Big Brother Brazil contestant Jacques Grochalski, with whom he began a relationship after the reality show ended.

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