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Petawawa KIA Manager Full Fight Video Goes Viral On Twitter & Reddit


Recently, a video is getting viral in which a man is hitting another man with a chokeslam. In this discussion, we’re going to examine the video and tell you about the Petawawa KIA Manager Full Fight Video.

If you’ve seen the video and are curious to know about the man then you’re at the right place. 

Petawawa KIA car showroom viral video

Petawawa KIA

A video is getting paired on Twitter in which 2 men are talking. The thing goes wrong between them and suddenly the man who is standing on the left side of the video puts the other man down and gives a chokeslam. 

This incident got captured on camera and someone posted the video on the social media account. After the video gets posted on social media, the video goes viral and people start commenting and sharing the video.

Well, the video quality and voice quality of the video is poor but the content which is available in the video is very entertaining. 

Firstly, the video is getting viral on Twitter, and after that people start making copies of the video and start posting on other social media platforms like Tiktok and many more.

The person who is starting the video is a Petawawa KIA Car showroom manager. The good thing is that the other person didn’t get heavily injured after the fight. No serious issues or injuries occurred during the fight.

The customer is wearing a black vest and the manager of the car showroom is completely dressed up in a black suit. 

Petawawa KIA Manager viral video 

Currently, plenty of websites are claiming that they’re the official owners of this trending video but they all are fake.

The original owner of the video is not recognized yet but it is clear that the video is shared by the Cameraman. 

Police clarification 

Since the video is getting viral, the neighborhood police department didn’t provide any clarification regarding the case.

The police department is investigating the matter but didn’t give any legal classification and progress towards this case. 

Also, the showroom management didn’t provide any clarification about the incident. The entire situation is now under control but there is no clarification done by the police and the showroom members.

If you’re looking for an official link to the video then we suggest you watch the video from the official social media platform.

So, just go and watch the official video of the Petawawa KIA Car showroom manager now. 

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