Are Massage Chairs Worth It to buy in 2023 (USA)

      Massage Chairs


      We work in our office, in the gym, and do many other activities which make us tired every day.

      Well, plenty of people have very strict and pathetic daily schedules so they aren’t able to provide the proper rest to their bodies which leads to heavy tiredness and body pain as a result. 

      To get rid of this kind of body stress people either use Massage therapy or get a Massage chair for daily massage-based relaxation in their body. 

      But, whether Massage chairs are worth it or not? Well, in this discussion we’re going to discuss the same topics of whether having a Massage chair is good for body relaxation or not. 

      We also discuss the major benefits and drawbacks that the user faces after getting a Massage chair.

      So, this is gonna be an unbiased discussion which will help you to get your answer as to whether you should buy a Massage chair or not. 

      All you have to do is just stick with the discussion and read the complete discussion because every line is important. So, let’s come to the point to examine Are Massage Chairs Worth It. 

      Importance of Massage chairs 

      Massage Chairs

      Massage chairs play a vital role in providing plenty of benefits to the human body. Whether a person is living his life as an athlete or a normal guy, Massage Chairs help to keep their body relaxed and active.

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      Now, let’s have some points which clarify the importance of Massage Chairs. 

      Massage for Recovery 

      This point is especially for professional athletes because they work very hard every day to enhance their endurance in the game. 

      In their hardcore training, they get some injury sometime. Well, your health insurance is also unable to save time and stamina which you maintain for practising daily. Your insurance will only pay your expenses of injury. 

      Daily massage after working will keep your muscles relaxed and calm. This reduces the chance of injury and your body becomes prepared to stress its limits so you’ll see a frequent improvement in your workouts too. 

      Stress relief benefits 

      This point is especially for those who have heavy office work daily and who are living a heavily stressed life. Massage chairs will also help you to become stress-free because it activates your muscles and tissues to handle more work than usual.

      Also, you feel very energetic, relaxed and active after having a massage in the massage chair. 

      Plenty of scientific reports also claim that the use of massage chairs will reduce the stress level in the mind which also makes your heart healthier.

      This improves blood circulation in the body and your face starts flowing. Your body feels energetic and you get inner relaxation in your body. 

      Yes, you indeed have to give dedicated time to have a massage on a daily or alternate basis which consumes your time but in return, it will make you more productive. 

      Having Massage on the massage chair will make you more productive and calm so that you can easily complete your work without getting stressed out. This concludes that spending time on a massage chair becomes a worthy deal for you. 

      Reduces the Health Problems

      People who are facing back pain, Fibromyalgia or chronic anxiety should have a massage session daily or on alternate days. This is because having problems like chronic anxiety will lead to huge health-related issues in the future. 

      This will harm your body and make you disturbed you for a long time. Massage sessions daily or on alternative days will enhance blood circulation in the body which directly helps to improve various kinds of stress and anxiety. 

      Especially, people who are living a very hectic and stressful life should have a massage chair to get relaxed. 

      Enhance the Face Glow 

      People who have hectic lifestyles should do Yoga daily but if they don’t want to spend a regular amount as a fee for Yoga Classes should go for the best alternative which is “Massage Chair”.

      A massage chair helps to relax your muscles and improves the circulation of blood in your various body parts including your face. This will improve the skin condition and your skin will start glowing. 

      People who’re working in the fashion field, acting field or any other field where looks are important should have a massage chair to keep their skin active and healthy. 

      Diet plays the most important role, so having a strict and healthy diet is also compulsory, then only you’ll get the results faster. 

      So, we have discussed the importance of Massage chairs in our lifestyle. 

      We have covered all the fields which conclude that whether you belong to the fashion industry, corporate world, sports or studies, a Massage chair is a product which helps you to become active and act more productively in every work.

      It’s to have some important benefits and drawbacks of having massage chairs 

      Effectiveness and Drawbacks of Massage Chair? 

      Massage Chairs

      A massage chair is one of the most essential products which everyone should have for relaxing their body. People who use Massage chairs act more productively in every work. 

      But it also has some drawbacks too. So, Let’s have some major benefits and drawbacks so that you can decide whether you should buy a Massage chair for yourself or not. 

      Major benefits of Massage Chair 

      All the major benefits of having a Massage chair are listed below:- 

      Point 1:- Investment not expense 

      Having a massage chair may cost you a good price but this is not an expense. Having a massage chair is an investment which gives a return with good health and a relaxed body every day. 

      With the help of a Massage chair, people enhance their productivity in doing work which helps you to do work without getting tired. Also, it protects you from various kinds of stress, anxiety and other major diseases. 

      As we have discussed above, having massage sessions daily will help to enhance the glow in your skin and reduce the chances of injury while doing an activity. 

      Point 2:- More effective than Massage sessions 

      If you have taken any massage sessions before then you know that having a 1-hour massage session will cost you around $120-$180 on a normal basis which becomes around $220 if you add tips for the staff who served you in your massage session. 

      If you’re facing an injury then you have to take massage sessions daily which becomes very costly for you. When we searched for one of the best massage chairs available online then we found that it would cost us no more than $1200. 

      Now, you can easily compare which option is more cost-efficient. Yes, you’re right that having a massage chair will be very cost-efficient for you instead of having regular costly massage sessions. 

      Point 3:- 24/7 Availability 

      If you have a Massage chair, you can take a relaxing massage anytime. You don’t have to wait for the opening of the Massage centre to do some negotiation.

      Also, you don’t have to go anywhere to get the massage. You’ll get a high-quality relaxing massage anytime by just sitting on the marriage chair. 

      Point 4:- Contactless massage 

      The world is still facing the impact of Covid-19 which affects the whole world badly. In this aspect, having a massage with an unknown massage centre staff may be risky. 

      Also, some people don’t prefer to have a massage at a massage centre to have their privacy. Owning the massage chair will calculate the user in both conditions. 

      With the massage chair, you’ll get completely contactless massage therapy which maintains your privacy. This is one of the major advantages of having a Massage chair in the aspect of preventing Covid-19 from spreading. 

      Point 5:- Variation in massage options 

      In massage chairs, you’ll see various options under which you can easily execute your message on a different basis. 

      Different types of massage options lead you to do various oriented massage sessions. So, you can easily choose a deep-tissue massage for overworked muscle tension or a light-tissue massage for body relaxation. 

      So, these are the major benefits which the customer will get after having a Massage chair. Well, we have discussed the importance and benefits which explains how important a Massage chair.

      But now it’s time to make it clear whether having a Massage chair is worth it for you or not. 

      Drawbacks of Massage Chair

      There are uncountable benefits to having a massage chair but there are some drawbacks also available for having a massage chair which is listed below:- 

      Point 1:- Expensive 

      We have discussed above that having a Massage chair is not an expense, it is an investment but the thing is that the user of this chair has to invest a good amount in the initial stage. 

      We’re not going to make you fool, but Massage chairs are expensive, which is why they attain costly mechanical instruments to work properly in a manner that will give you an immersive relaxation when you sit for massage therapy in the chair. 

      This also attains a bluetooth system so that you can enjoy music while having a massage on the massage chair. 

      All these instruments enhance the cost of a massage chair. So, the expense you made will give an immersive ROI (Return on investment) by facilitating your body with good health and improved productivity. 

      Point 2:- Mechanical Experience 

      Massage Chair is a machine and this machine can’t beat the level of comfort and relaxation which you get from the real hands of a massage executive. 

      Also, the massage executive has got the training and knowledge to target the specified points of muscle which provides you with an immersive experience. 

      In the area of the Massage Chair, everything is pre-designed and you can’t get any configuration beyond the options you got in the machine. Well, this doesn’t have high importance if it saves hundreds of dollars for you. 

      So, these are the drawbacks of having a Massage chair and if you can compromise with the drawbacks then we strongly recommend you have a Massage chair for you. 

      Things to remember while buying a massage chair 

      If you have made up your mind to have a high-quality massage chair then there are some points which you should make sure of before going to buy a massage chair for you.

      All the major points which help you to get the best Massage chair are listed below:- 

      Type of Massage chair:- The first thing you have to consider while buying a Massage chair is the type of massage chair you’re going to buy.

      Every type of massage chair attains some specific features so make sure to have a look at them and get the best and most appropriate Massage chair as per your requirement. 

      Massage Mode:- The more you get the massage modes, the higher your level of satisfaction you get from the massage. So, make sure that your massage chair attains various massage options to get the best user experience from it. 

      Foldable or not:- Make sure that your massage chair is foldable bug. If your budget is low then you can also go for a non-Foldable massage chair.

      Foldable massage chairs have good portability and you can easily place them anywhere which gives you peace like in your garden or near a pool. 

      Rollers:- Make sure that your Massage chair attains a good amount of massage rollers. Having a good amount of massage rollers will facilitate you with a good level of conformity while getting a massage from it. 

      Inclination level:- Inclination level on the massage chair also decides the comfort level of massage therapy. So, you must check the inclination level available in the massage chair and only decide to buy. 

      So, these are some points which you have to make sure of while going to buy a massage chair. 

      Final words 

      So, here we have discussed: Are massage chairs worth it? Well, after having importance, benefits, effectiveness and drawbacks too, we can easily give a big ” Yes” to this question (Are Massage chairs worth it?) 

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