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Video de Leandra Viral Filtrado

Influencer couple Dani Duke and La Liendra are making waves on social media, but this time it’s not for a video they intended to share. Instead, a leaked intimate recording of them has surfaced online, causing quite a stir.

Video de leandra viral filtrado

video de leandra viral filtrado

The video features Duke and Mauricio Gómez naked, seemingly in their home in Medellín, engaging in intimate activities. While Gómez’s face is not visible, users have pointed out tattoos on his abdomen and right arm that match those of La Liendra. Similarly, the woman in the video is believed to be Duke based on her features.

While some users have taken the situation lightly, others are questioning the violation of the couple’s privacy. Sharing explicit content without consent and censorship raises ethical concerns.

Adding to the drama, Luisa Castro, Mauricio Gómez’s ex-girlfriend, shared a post on her Instagram stories mocking the situation. Although she later deleted the post, it fueled further reactions online.

Amidst the social media frenzy, La Liendra and Dani Duke found themselves stuck at Bogotá’s El Dorado airport. They were set to travel to Spain for a ten-day trip, but encountered unexpected obstacles.

Gómez had excitedly shared their travel plans earlier, looking forward to watching Cristiano Ronaldo play live. However, delays and mishaps ensued.

video de leandra viral filtrado

La Liendra, visibly frustrated, shared videos from the airport, revealing that they had to postpone their trip because Duke brought the wrong passport. This mistake led to rescheduling their flight for the following day, this time in first class due to limited options.

Despite Duke’s suggestion that La Liendra travel alone to avoid further disruption, he insisted on sticking together as a couple. They eventually decided to change their flights to the next day to travel together.

Reflecting on the situation, Duke admitted that while delays were usually attributed to Gómez, this time it was her fault. However, they remained determined to embark on their European adventure together.

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