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Naira Marley and Iyabo Ojo Video


The ongoing clash between Nollywood star Iyabo Ojo and musician Naira Marley has taken a dramatic turn, with online activist Verydarkman weighing in on Iyabo’s claims that Naira provided illegal substances to Marley’s kids. Iyabo’s accusations prompted Naira to share an old video of him receiving flowers from Iyabo, questioning why they were once friends.

Let’s dive into the background of their feud, the industry rumors, and what the Verydarkman video reveals about their past relationship.

Naira Marley and Iyabo Ojo Video

naira marley and iyabo ojo video

The emergence of the video sparked immediate online headlines, “Iyabo Ojo vs. Naira Marley Knocking Video” caught everyone’s attention. As someone just tuning into the latest gossip, I couldn’t help but wonder about the significance of this footage. What secrets could it hold? How could these two celebs, now at odds, have once been close? Iyabo Ojo, a respected Nollywood actress renowned for her work in Yoruba films, and Naira Marley, the popular Nigerian singer affectionately known as Marlians, were at the center of it all.

The Rift between Iyabo Ojo and Naira Marley

Their feud started in September 2022 when Iyabo stood up for singer Mohbad, accusing Naira Marley of money laundering and salary withholding. Iyabo criticized Naira for mistreating Mohbad, labeling him as “intimidating and bullying.” This sparked a heated exchange between Iyabo and Naira, with Iyabo also alleging that Naira had a history of providing illegal substances to her kids and influencing other young people negatively.

Naira claimed that Iyabo once asked him to feature her kids in a music video, accusing her of opportunism. He also criticized Iyabo’s acting skills, calling her a “struggling” and “disappointing” actor. This further fueled Iyabo’s anger, who believed Naira had a negative impact on young people. Their spat played out on social media, drawing widespread attention.

As tensions rose, Naira’s fans, known as Marlians, began attacking Iyabo online, defending their “leader” against the allegations. Iyabo retaliated, warning Marlians that she would use her platform if the attacks continued. The conflict deepened as Iyabo continued to speak out against Naira’s behavior and influence, leading Marlians to view it as an attack on their idol.

The Video of Iyabo Ojo Receiving Flowers from Naira Marley

In the midst of their feud, Verydarkman entered the fray, sharing an old video of Iyabo gleefully receiving flowers from Naira Marley. In the video, Iyabo proudly called herself a ‘Marlian’ and expressed her admiration for Marley. This contradicted Marley’s recent claims about Iyabo’s negative influence on her kids.

Naira Marley and Iyabo Ojo Video

Verydarkman used the video to question Iyabo’s feud with Naira, wondering why she accepted gifts from him and let her kids be around him if she thought he was dangerous. He suggested that Iyabo and Naira were once good friends, implying that their issues were personal rather than about protecting young people.

Some of Naira’s fans agreed with Verydarkman, arguing that Iyabo’s feud with Naira was personal rather than genuine concern for youth. Others believed the video didn’t disprove Iyabo’s allegations, suggesting she may have initially consented to Naira’s involvement before realizing its harm over time. Despite the video, it failed to address the core questions surrounding Mohbad’s mistreatment or Iyabo’s interactions with kids.

As the personal attacks continued, Mohbad’s allegations seemed to fade. Verydarkman argued that Iyabo wasn’t really advocating for Mohbad but airing her personal grievances against Naira. He claimed there wasn’t enough evidence to support claims of Naira mistreating Mohbad.

He argued that Iyabo used Mohbad’s situation to vilify Naira on unrelated grounds, diverting attention from Mohbad’s specific concerns. Some of Naira’s fans agreed, suggesting Iyabo’s actions were self-serving. Conversely, some believed Iyabo was sharing her experiences to support Mohbad’s claims. Allegations also arose that Verydarkman was paid to discredit Iyabo.

In conclusion, the Iyabo Ojo and Naira Marley saga continues with no end in sight. While Verydarkman’s video added a new layer, it didn’t change entrenched opinions. Accusations and denials will keep circulating on social media, but for now, the case remains unresolved.

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