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      Anigar Monsee, according to Upper Darby police, recorded herself in four live videos uploaded to her YouTube channel over the past year, showing the killing of live frogs, a rabbit, a pigeon, and a chicken. In one of the videos filmed in August, Monsee engaged with her audience in her Colwyn kitchen, playfully responding to their sexually suggestive questions.

      She encouraged viewers to like the video, promising to start a more serious performance once enough likes came in. When the likes accumulated, the 27-year-old, dressed provocatively, fulfilled her promise by torturing a pigeon and decapitating it. Those watching the 49-minute feed praised her actions and made requests for future content.

      Charged with four counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, Monsee’s case was described by Upper Darby Police Superintendent Tim Bernhardt as “disturbing and barbaric.” He expressed further concern about the entertainment value some people find in such acts and the platforms that allow them.

      Monsee was arrested after PETA representatives contacted the police, providing information gleaned from her other videos, including a tour of her house in Upper Darby. Bernhardt commended PETA for their assistance and encouraged others to report similar content to law enforcement.

      During a police interview, Monsee confirmed her identity as the person in the videos and acknowledged ownership of the account posting them. She became visibly upset when the videos were played in front of her, particularly the one featuring a rabbit.

      Video of Anigar Monsee showing animal cruelty dominates the Twitter

      Video of Anigar Monsee

      Detectives found three additional videos on Monsee’s YouTube account from the past year, where she tortured animals including frogs, a rabbit, and a chicken. While the videos claimed to be about cooking the animals, police noted that Monsee’s actions exceeded typical food preparation.

      The most recent video, titled “Cooking Lucky,” uploaded on Jan. 17, showed Monsee torturing a chicken for 10 minutes before ultimately killing it by slitting its throat. Other videos depicted her cutting and scalding the animals with hot water.

      Kristin Rickman, the emergency response team director for PETA, commended the prompt action of the Upper Darby police and emphasized the damaging impact of such content on both the animals and viewers’ mental well-being.

      Describing Monsee’s content as “crush videos,” Rickman highlighted the disturbing nature of women harming small animals to fulfill viewers’ sexual fetishes. She emphasized the need for accountability for anyone engaging in such activities.

      Monsee remained in custody with a bail set at $20,000. As of the report, she had not hired a lawyer and was scheduled to appear before Magisterial District Judge Harry J. Karapalides for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 5.

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