Benny Blanco breaks silence on dating Selena Gomez Video Viral

      Benny Blanco breaks silence on dating Selena Gomez

      The Most Famous American record producer Benny Blanco recently opened up about his romantic relationship with singer-songwriter Selena Gomez. Just a few days ago, Gomez took to social media to make their relationship public, sparking some controversy due to Blanco’s past association with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

      Despite the scrutiny, the 31-year-old singer expressed feeling “safe” with Blanco, and in a recent Instagram video, the 35-year-old producer couldn’t help but gush over his new girlfriend.

      In the Twitter video, Blanco teamed up with chef Olivia Tiedemann to whip up some delicious crab cakes, following a recipe from his latest cookbook, Open Wide. Amid the culinary preparations, Olivia cheekily mentioned Blanco’s stunning girlfriend. Playfully deflecting the topic at first, Blanco eventually couldn’t resist acknowledging his relationship with Gomez, admitting, “She’s perfect.” This revelation comes just days after Gomez officially confirmed her romance with Blanco.

      Following the public announcement, Gomez delighted fans by sharing adorable pictures of the couple on her Instagram story. She even flaunted a ring with the initial “B” in a photo of her hand, adding a touch of sweetness to the revelation.

      According to insights from Elle, a source close to Gomez revealed, “She feels incredibly safe and secure with him, so she thought it was the perfect time to share her happiness with her fans.” The source continued to praise Blanco, highlighting his excellent communication skills, honesty, and openness with Gomez.

      Benny Blanco breaks silence on dating Selena Gomez

      Describing him as respectful and genuine, the source emphasized Blanco’s lack of interest in fame or attention, which resonates well with Gomez and fosters a deep sense of trust in their relationship.

      In summary, Benny Blanco’s recent acknowledgment of his relationship with Selena Gomez adds a heartwarming touch to their romance, emphasizing trust, communication, and genuine connection. Despite public scrutiny, the couple seems blissfully happy, as evidenced by their adorable social media posts.

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