3 Best Printer Under 15000 in India 2022 [UP to 39% OFF]

If you are looking for the Best Printer under 15000 then you are in the right place. Finding the best Printer is sometimes a quite difficult task. As we know, many brands are dealing in different types of printers and that’s why choosing one of them is a tough task but don’t worry, we will help you to get rid of this situation.

As the technology is improving rapidly, so users will be able to see the printers coming with multiple Functionalities. Users need to decide whether they want a printer for home use or office.

Office Use Printers are used very roughly because they will be needed various times a day while if we are buying for home use then it will be used a bit less.

So without wasting your time, we will provide you with complete details of the Best Printers under 10,000 available in the market. But before that, let us know about the things that we need to consider to get the best deal. 

Top 3 Best Printer under 15000 in India

# HP Ink Tank Colour Printer

Best printer under 15000

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This is a multitasking Printer that can do printing, copying, and scanning, which makes it quite convenient for all the users. 

This Printer is providing printing at a very affordable price of 10 paise per page for black and white and 20 paise for color pages. So users don’t have to worry about the printing cost of this printer. 

The ink management in this printer is hassle-free free where users can easily watch the remaining ink in the transparent case. Now users don’t have to check the ink level by opening the case again and again. 

We can say that this is the Best Printer under 15000 because it also provides reliable connectivity options that can be easily connected through Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, and Bluetooth. The company is also providing a 1-year warranty for this Ink Tank Printer. 


  • Expand the area of printing without any borders. 
  • It comes with a simple and spill-free refill. 
  • Provides more connectivity options.


  • Not suitable for those who have the bulk of work. 

# Epson Eco Tank Ink Tank Printer

Best printer under 15000 in india

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This Printer will be the perfect choice for a home that can print, copy, and scan together. It comes with a resolution of 5760 dpi and a high page speed of up to 33 ppm. So your school and college projects can be completed quickly.

This printer comes with an amazing yield of 4500 black pages and 7,500 color pages that making the whole printing process quite easy. 

The printer can print the photos and texts without consuming the space of borders, so it will be a good choice for the users because there will be no wastage of paper. 

It is a cost-effective printer that can charge only 7 paise for black and 18 paise for color pages. The company is also providing a 1-year warranty for this printer.


  • Cost-effective product.
  • Have an amazing printing speed.
  • Comes with a high-resolution printing quality.


  • A bit expensive

# HP Ink Tank 310 Colour Printer

Best printer under 15000

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This is a multi-purpose Printer that can scan, copy, and print pages hassle-free. That’s why we have considered this printer as the Best Printer under 15000.

It provides printing at a very affordable price of 10 paise for black and 20 paise for colorful pages. 

The ink management of this printer is very convenient where users can refill the ink easily. Users can watch the total amount of ink left in the cartridge. 

It also provides convenient connectivity options where users can connect the device with USB 2.0 connectivity where users don’t have a need for electricity. 

The company is also providing a 1-year warranty for this printer for the user’s convenience.


  • Provides the best quality printing.
  • Printing cost is very affordable. 
  • There is no headache of ink spills. 


  • None

Buying Guide of Best Printers

# Type of Printer

At first, users need to decide which type of printer they want. There are two types of Printers, Inkjet Printers, and Laser Printers.

Inkjet Printers are running for the past many years that always required to have ink, when the ink gets empty, users need to fill the tank for uninterrupted services.

While Lase Printers are the latest printers that don’t require filling any type of ink. Laser Printers are expensive than Inkjet Printers but will provide you with the work quickly at a low cost. 


Another important thing is to consider is to look for DPI that impacts the quality of printing. Users should always look for more DPI means dots per inch. If a printer is adding more dots to cover an inch then it is a common thing that words will have more clarity as compared to fewer DPI printers. 

# Ink and Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost cannot be ignored while buying a printer. So if you are using a printer to print bulk papers then you have to consider the maintenance cost.

A High maintenance cost printer will not be a good option, it doesn’t matter it is expensive or cheap because a high maintenance cost printer will be very costly in the upcoming future. 

# Paper Tray

You need to consider the capacity of a paper tray so that you can get assured. If you are printing dozens of pages daily then a normal paper handling tray will not be the best option that has the capacity of only 100 pages.

You need a paper handling tray having the capacity of at least 250 – 300 pages so that your work will not get interrupted again and again.


So these are the Best Printer under 15000 that a user can go with. These printers are coming with all the features that you are looking for and users don’t have to compromise with the quality of printing in these printers. 

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