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(Watch) Christina Block Kinder Video

The custody battle between Hamburg steakhouse heiress Christina Block and her ex-husband Stephan Hensel has taken a harrowing turn, with their youngest children becoming victims of a disturbing abduction on New Year’s Eve. The incident has thrust the family into the spotlight, sparking debates and raising concerns about child safety and custody disputes.

The ordeal unfolded when the couple’s two youngest children, aged 10 and 13, were kidnapped from a cafĂ© terrace in Sønderborg, Denmark, while celebrating New Year’s Eve fireworks with their father, Stephan Hensel. The masked perpetrators orchestrated a terrifying scenario, leaving the children traumatized.

Christina Block Kinder Video

(Watch) Christina Block Kinder Video

Following the abduction, Danish authorities intervened and retrieved the children from Block’s residence in Hamburg, returning them to their father in Denmark. Stephan Hensel, now residing with the children in a secret location in Denmark, has surprisingly allowed his affected daughter to share her account of the traumatic experience.

In an interview with the weekly newspaper “Zeit,” the children, along with Hensel, provided insights into their current living conditions and recounted the horrific events of New Year’s Eve. Hensel, now living in a modest apartment with his second wife and their child, expressed his desire for transparency, allowing the children to speak to the media.

The 13-year-old daughter bravely shared her ordeal, describing how she and her brother were forcibly taken in a car, hooded, bound, and gagged by the masked perpetrators. They were then transported to a remote location, where they were held captive for several hours before being reunited with their mother and older sister.

The children’s accounts shed light on the traumatic experience they endured and raise questions about their safety and well-being. While Danish authorities continue to investigate the incident, the custody battle between Christina Block and Stephan Hensel persists, with both German and Danish authorities involved in resolving the complex legal issues surrounding the case.

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