Watch: Congress MLA Mevaram Jain Video Link

      Congress MLA Mevaram Jain video

      Former Congress MLA Mevaram Jain, aged 76 and a three-time MLA from Barmer Assembly, has found himself embroiled in controversy with a viral video allegedly depicting inappropriate behavior with a young woman. This has sparked outrage on social media, with the hashtag #Barmer trending as people express their concern and disdain for such actions.

      Congress MLA Mevaram Jain Viral Video

      Congress MLA Mevaram Jain Viral Video

      The Congress party, despite nominating Mevaram Jain for the fourth time and appointing him as the Chairman of the Rajasthan Cow Service Commission, now faces scrutiny due to the scandal. The 14-minute video, referred to as the “Mewaram Jain MMS Video,” has become a focal point of discussions on various online platforms.

      The controversy surrounding the alleged video has gained momentum, with continuous posts circulating on social media suggesting that the video contains hidden secrets about Mevaram Jain. Claims have surfaced that the photo has been forwarded to the Congress headquarters in Delhi, and senior Congress leaders have reportedly been shown the CD.

      In a latest update, the situation has escalated as more details emerge regarding the alleged viral video controversy. The public’s demand for accountability from the Congress party has intensified, with calls for an investigation into the matter. Social media discussions are now delving into the broader implications of such scandals on the political landscape, questioning the party’s decision to nominate Mevaram Jain despite these allegations.

      As the controversy unfolds, it raises concerns not only about the conduct of individual politicians but also about the transparency and accountability within political parties. The public is closely watching for any official statements or actions from the Congress party in response to the growing discontent surrounding Mevaram Jain’s involvement in the alleged sca-ndal.

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