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Did Bobbi Althoff Sleep With Drake?

Bobbi Althoff recently addressed swirling rumors regarding her alleged involvement with Drake following a surprise interview. The TikTok star gained rapid fame in recent weeks for her podcast featuring celebrity interviews, including notable figures like Tyga and Lil Yachty, and most notably, the renowned ‘Hotline Bling’ artist.

Did Bobbi Althoff Sleep With Drake?

Bobbi Althoff Sleep With Drake

Known for his guarded personal life, Drake seldom delves into intimate details during interviews, typically focusing on his music promotion. However, Althoff managed to secure the elusive Canadian rapper for her podcast, recording their conversation while lounging in bed with drinks.

In an unconventional twist, the 26-year-old admitted to Drake that she wasn’t familiar with his music and playfully joked about him funding her flight home after their chat. The episode of ‘The Really Good Podcast’ featuring the ‘One Dance’ hitmaker quickly gained traction, amassing a staggering 28 million views on TikTok with just one clip.

Following the podcast’s viral success, keen-eyed fans noticed that Althoff and Drake had unfollowed each other on social media, and Althoff had removed the interview from her channel. Additionally, the audio version was removed from Spotify, sparking speculation of a rift between the two.

Speculation heightened when the ‘BFFs Podcast’ shared a TikTok clip, hinting that Althoff had confirmed rumors of a romantic encounter with Drake during an interview with host Dave Portnoy.

The clip, however, censored the host’s revelation of Althoff’s response to the question, creating a suggestive edit. Althoff later shared an uncensored screenshot of the actual conversation on her Instagram story, refuting the allegations.

Did Bobbi Althoff Sleep With Drake

Portnoy clarified on his Instagram and TikTok accounts that he was unaware his team would edit the clip in that manner and expressed regret over the misleading edit, extending an apology to Althoff.

In light of the controversy, Althoff removed the episode featuring Drake from YouTube and Spotify. Further speculation arose, accusing Althoff of being an industry plant, which she vehemently denied, explaining how she secured Drake for her show.

After noticing Drake’s interest in her content following an interview with comedian Funny Marco, Althoff took the initiative to reach out to Drake via DM. After Drake agreed to appear on her podcast, she promptly arranged the recording session in Memphis. UNILAD has reached out to representatives of both Althoff and Drake for comment.

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