Drake Diss Leak Online

      drake diss leak Online

      Yesterday, Days after J. Cole decided to pull his song “7 Minute Drill,” which contained subtle jabs at Kendrick Lamar, from streaming platforms, an alleged response from Drake aimed at Lamar has surfaced online. Entitled “Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50),” the unverified track not only addresses Lamar but also targets several other rappers and Top Dawg Entertainment as a whole.

      Drake Diss Leak Online

      drake diss leak

      The four-minute tune recently surfaced on social media, leading to speculation that it may have been produced by AI, although Drake has yet to officially confirm its authenticity. Adding to the mystery, Drake shared an image from the film “Kill Bill” on his social media story, possibly hinting at the validity of the leaked track.

      Furthermore, billboards with the message “Hip-hop is a competitive sport” have popped up in New York City, hinting at a potential release on digital streaming platforms like Spotify/RapCaviar.

      In the song, Drake starts by addressing a lyric from Future’s “WE DON’T TRUST YOU,” rapping, “I could never be nobody’s number one fan / Your first number one, I had to hand it to you.” He then quickly turns his attention to Kendrick Lamar, questioning his authenticity with the line, “How the heck are you acting big with a size seven men’s shoe?”

      Continuing his verbal attack, Drake mentions Maroon 5, Taylor Swift’s fanbase (“Swifties”), and Top Dawg Entertainment, asserting his dominance in the industry. He takes shots at fellow artists like Metro Boomin and The Weeknd, displaying his bold delivery and sharp wit throughout the track.

      Drake Diss Leak Online

      Wrapping up with a commentary on J. Cole’s recent moves, Drake dispels any notion that Cole’s removal of “7 Minute Drill” ignited the feud, stating that tensions have been brewing for some time. He makes it clear that he’s not seeking reconciliation, indicating that more confrontational tracks may be on the horizon.

      While “Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50)” has yet to hit streaming platforms officially, the growing evidence suggests that its release is imminent, hinting at a potentially explosive development in the ongoing saga of rap rivalries.

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