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      EL Dotolcito Video Viral Twitter

      On Thursday, lawyer José Martínez Brito advised Wesley Vincent Carmona (El Dotolcito) following a viral video from prison in which he appears naked.

      On April 16, a terrible accident occurred, killing 25-year-old Joshua Omar Fernández. As Fernández and two friends were leaving a bar in Santo Domingo, they encountered two armed men who intended to rob them. In the ensuing struggle, Fernández was shot in the chest. This horrific and deadly robbery quickly grabbed headlines across the country.

      However, what happened in the following weeks surprised everyone: the release of a video linking a celebrity on the internet to the crime.

      EL Dotolcito Video Viral

      el dotolcito video viral

      Wesly Vicent Carmona Corcino, better known as “the little doctor,” the son of the famous YouTuber “EL Dotolcito Video Viral,” was involved in a terrible robbery outside the “Kiss” bar in Santo Domingo on April 16th. According to the Ministry of Government. , Carmona is accused of organizing the armed attack against three people who left the club.

      “Chiquito, Luis, and Wesly Vicent Carmona, also known as El Dotolcito, jumped on the car… and went backward to get out, and at that time they were ordered to stop by investigators. the victims, and confessed to being a robber,” the indictment said.

      Sadly, the robbery caused the death of Joshua Omar Fernández Decena. Later, photos from one of the stolen cell phones were found on Carmona’s phone and became important evidence.

      After the release of photos and videos showing the arrest of the famous YouTuber, the matter became public. “The female doctor” may be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison, due to her alleged involvement in the crime. Currently, its legal status remains uncertain, encouraging discussions about violence, insecurity, and the impact of social media.

      EL Dotolcito Video Viral

      The investigation into the deadly robbery on April 16 led to serious accusations against Wesly Vicent Carmona Corcino, “EL Dotolcito Video Viral,” the son of YouTuber Vincent Carmona, “el Dotol Nastra.” Lawyer Carlos Nova said, “Depending on Carmona’s involvement, he could be sentenced to 20 years.”

      According to the police, “El Dotolcito” was in the nightclub “Bar Kiss” and organized the attack and later escaped with the taxi driver Danil Ramírez Santana.

      In addition, criminal evidence was found on Carmona’s phone, directly linking him to the crime. “His intention was to separate himself from the stolen device, the iPhone 8 Plus,” the attorney’s office said.

      According to these investigations, the Public Ministry has requested the detention of Carmona before the trial for his role in the theft that caused the death of Fernández. Carmona may be able to avoid prison time by pleading guilty and providing information, but for now, he remains in custody.

      Following his connection to the deadly robbery investigation, Wesly Vicent Carmona Corcino, “the little doctor,” was arrested on May 17, while confirming his legal status. Lawyer Carlos Nova suggested, “A plan for the legal defense is to offer himself as a witness and negotiate a sentence.”

      EL Dotolcito Video Viral Twitter

      The video of Carmona’s arrest quickly went viral, prompting reactions on social media. Users expressed sentiments such as “Let them be held accountable” and “I hope his family’s influence doesn’t make him soft.”

      If convicted, the “el dotolcito video viral” can be sentenced to a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, because of his involvement in the robbery that caused the death of Joshua Fernández.

      “While the Ministry of Public Affairs seeks to suspend the trial, the future of Carmona remains uncertain, currently detained in Ciudad Nueva, pending a review to determine the next step in legal proceedings against him.”

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