Grace Boor Toothbrush Video Leak on Twitter and Reddit

      Grace Boor Toothbrush Video Leak on Twitter and Reddit


      The recent leak of a video involving Grace Boor, an OnlyFans creator, has ignited widespread discussions on platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit. The video, which depicts an unconventional use of a toothbrush, has prompted important conversations about privacy, consent, and the limits of online sharing.

      Its viral spread on and other platforms has underscored the imbalance in unauthorized content distribution and the intricate dynamics of the creator economy.

      Who is Grace Boor?

      Grace Boor is an OnlyFans creator who gained attention due to a recent video leak involving her. She is known for her presence on the adult content platform and has become a topic of discussion on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit.

      Grace Boor Toothbrush Video Leak

      Grace Boor Toothbrush Video

      At CES 2020, Colgate unveiled a groundbreaking smart toothbrush designed to detect and eliminate plaque. Known as the ‘Plaqless Pro,’ this innovative toothbrush lights up blue upon detecting plaque and changes to white once the plaque is removed, all while syncing with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

      This unveiling took place at the renowned tech showcase in Las Vegas, where the latest advancements in technology are showcased. Colgate’s Plaqless Pro joins the ranks of other smart oral-care products in a market largely dominated by Oral-B, known for its AI-powered Genius X toothbrush released the previous year. The Genius X offers users the ability to ensure thorough brushing of all teeth.

      Grace Boor Toothbrush Video Leak on Twitter and Reddit

      Oral-B, also present at CES, introduced the Oral-B iO, a smart brush redesigned internally and externally to provide 3D tracking around the mouth, ensuring comprehensive cleaning of all teeth. According to Lisa Ernst, P&G VP of Global Health Care R&D, the Oral-B iO offers users a sensorial experience, transforming brushing from a chore into a desirable activity. She highlighted six years of research conducted with dental professionals to create this unique brushing experience.

      Oral-B claims that in its clinical trials, the iO toothbrush led to 100% healthier gums within one week and six times more plaque removal along the gumline compared to a manual Grace Boor toothbrush. These advancements in smart toothbrush technology promise improved oral hygiene and a more enjoyable brushing experience for users.

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