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Houston Teacher Video Leak

A scandal has erupted in Fort Bend County, near Houston, as a former elementary school teacher has come under fire for filming sexually explicit videos of herself on school premises during operational hours. Community leaders are now fervently calling for the revocation of her teaching certification.

The Houston Teacher Incident

Houston Teacher Video Leak

Houston Teacher Adrienne Harborth, who was employed as a music teacher at Gray Elementary in the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District (CISD), was identified in two videos that have caused widespread outrage. In these videos, Harborth is seen engaging in inappropriate behavior—shaking her bare breasts and buttocks—in both a classroom and a school bathroom. Her school ID badge, displaying her name, is clearly visible in the footage.

First released by Grizzy’s Hood News under the dramatic headline “Houston Teacher Gone Crazy,” censored versions of these videos have subsequently gone viral and drawn criticism from the general public.

“You really can’t make this stuff up,” exclaimed Quanell X, a prominent community leader, during a press conference held outside the school. He was joined by fellow activist Candice Matthews, who shared the community’s deep frustration and demands for accountability.

Confirmation and Reactions

Houston Teacher Video Leak

Matthews confirmed Harborth’s identity through district officials, who revealed that Harborth was no longer employed at the school, though her departure was unrelated to the videos. “The administration had no idea about the videos,” Matthews explained. She also noted that district administrators initially hesitated to make the video’s details public to avoid seeming negligent.

“Now that the video is out, we expect the district to take action,” Matthews stated. “We need the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to ensure this teacher cannot move to another school and repeat such behavior. This could be a teacher who might harm a child.”

Calls for Action

Houston Teacher Video Leak

“This is how problematic teachers move from one district to another,” Matthews added. “We cannot allow this to be swept under the rug.”

Harborth’s previous role as a music teacher at Burton Elementary in Fort Bend ISD has also come under scrutiny. Quanell X emphasized that simply terminating her contract was not enough.

Demands for Accountability

Quanell X demanded that Lamar CISD officials permanently ban Harborth from teaching in the district, urge the TEA to revoke her teaching certification, and involve law enforcement to interview her former students to ensure there are no other instances of inappropriate behavior.

“If she can do this in a classroom, what else might she be capable of?” he questioned. “This woman should never be allowed to teach or work around children again.”

District’s Response

Lamar CISD responded to the uproar by stating they were investigating Harborth’s actions and would report any criminal behavior or conduct violations to the appropriate authorities. Harborth’s teaching certificate, initially issued in 2018, is currently under investigation by the TEA.

Ensuring Student Safety

“Let’s make sure the school district protects Texas children so she can’t just move from one district to another,” Quanell X urged. “Your porn days are over, and so are your teaching days,” Matthews added. “You do not sexualize our children.”

This incident has cast a spotlight on the critical need for stringent safeguards and thorough vetting processes in educational institutions to prevent similar situations from occurring. Texas Scorecard has previously reported on numerous cases of Texas teachers charged with sexual misconduct involving students, underscoring the ongoing necessity for vigilance and accountability in schools.

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