How to report or mute status on WhatsApp

WhatsApp will allow users to use the feature to report and mute posts made in the platform status section in a new update to the Meta app. The new function will only be applicable for Android OS mobile phone system.

How to report or mute status on WhatsApp

Currently, the only content on the Meta Platform that can be flagged for violating the Community Guidelines or displaying inappropriate in-app behavior is content that is presented through private conversations,

such as text, photos, and videos Could Statuses can only be disabled in the app version, so reporting them would be another way to protect users from potential abuse.

Access to this feature shall be no different from other methods of interacting with the content provided for in this section.

How to report or mute status on WhatsApp 1
WhatsApp permitirá silenciar y reportar los estados de los contactos. (WABetaInfo)

To do this, all you have to do is enter the WhatsApp app and then tap on the Status tab.

After viewing everything posted by a contact, you can tap on the three-dot button in the top right corner of the screen while the status is reading and after opening an additional menu, you can tap on the Report option. Can

After using this option in content published by a contact, the internal process in WhatsApp is the same as in cases involving text and images:

the meta of the publication is sent for regular reasons and evaluated automatically. will be completed. If you have violated the Terms of Service, the account responsible for the publication will be suspended.

Although the status report enables sending content via WhatsApp, this feature also does not affect the encryption function supported for this type of publication.

The Platform does not view or listen to text or audio messages other than the content reported for analysis.

The new WhatsApp feature has started its launch process and may be available for compatible versions of the Meta platform in the coming days or weeks.

More features for WhatsApp chats

In addition to the in- app status reporting button , users might start to see that an additional button has appeared in their notifications. To the well-known “Reply” and “Mark as read” we have added “ Mute ”, which allows you to remove notifications from a particular conversation temporarily or permanently.

Silence conversations on WhatsApp. (Capture)

Silence conversations on WhatsApp. (Capture)

This function is activated by default and you only have to press the new button to enter the WhatsApp application and select one of the mute options it has. These can be: eight hours, a week or always.

This function is activated by default and you press the new button to enter the WhatsApp application and select one of its mute options. This can be: eight hours, a week or forever.

In this case it is necessary to login to the application to avoid accidentally pressing the new button and intentionally muting the conversation.

A few weeks ago, WhatsApp also released an update that allows you to publish voice statuses, so the new report function will include this new content in its operational category.

To create such a post, users have to go to the status creation section and tap on the voice recording button.

After installing Ideal Audio, all you need to do is press the Publish button to make it visible to contacts in the application.

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