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Order the Herbicide Jogger with Agfarm Online at Best Price


Agfarm is one of the most popular brands of agriculture products serving the agricultural business from Dubai. Its products are appreciated all around the world by consumers associated with agriculture and other related sectors.

The company stays in regular touch with its consumers, considers their reviews, and tries to produce the best-suited product for its purpose.

The company is now also set up in India. It fulfills the requirements of customers and helps them in growing better crops. 

What is Jogger

Jogger is an Agfarm product prepared after various research and experiments. It is a herbicide that is very effective in killing weeds. 

Weeds are the unwanted guest in our agricultural land and nearby areas that affect our crops negatively. Weeds have harmful effects on growing crops. They ruin the surroundings and have an adverse impact.

These unwanted plants grow around the plants or crops and consume their food resulting in the deterioration of our crops. To get rid of these weeds, one needs to take effective measures.

The most effective solution is to use a proper herbicide that kills these weeds with minimal side effects.

Agfarm product Jogger serves the purpose. It is a tested herbicide that has proved useful for farmers and related people. Jogger is a good option for both agriculture and non-agriculture uses.


Its chemical composition comprised of Glyphosate 41% SL per liter. It attacks and kills all weeds by EPPS synthesis in weed plants. The Glyphosate herbicide kills weeds without affecting your crops.

  • It is most suited for tea crops. 
  • It attacks and kills most of the weeds. 
  • It is useful in non-cropped area including open fields, gardens, or water channels.

How to Use It?

Are you upset with the unwanted weeds growing around your water pools, fencing, or walls? Are these weeds decreasing your production level? 

Try Agfarm product Jogger. It is easy to use and kills almost all kinds of weeds around. 

Arundinella Bengalensis, Axonopus Compressus, Cynodon Dactylon, Imperata Cylindrica, Kalm Grass, Paspalum Scrobiculatum, Polygonum Perfoliatum, Sorghum Halepense, and other Dicot & Monocot weeds, in general, are the most targeted ones.

Just spray around 800 to 1200 ml per acre and get the desired results.

A 500ml bottle costs you 310INR and a 1l bottle of Jogger costs 600INR only.

How to Buy

If you are a wholesaler or retailer in agro business.

  • You only have to download the nurture.retail app.
  • Get signed up there as a retailer or distributor. 
  • Search for the Agfarm product Jogger. 
  • Place your order.

For farmers or regular users, they can purchase Jogger from their nearby stores.

Bottom Line

The Agfarm is a trusted company that manufactures several agro based products for better growth of your crops. The products are prepared after the extensive research and testings. Its products are cost-effective and eco-friendly. 

Jogger herbicide is one such product that helps you get rid of weeds and increase in yields.

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