Step by step to invite friends to a Facebook Live


There are many applications that allow you to live with users on the web, one of them is Facebook Live, which is used to conduct interviews or chat with friends. The Meta app owner has enabled this option for iOS and Android only.

To meet mobile friends, at the top right you will see the plus sign where you will see the “Live” option where you can add a video description. You can also tag friends, save a location, or add an emotion or activity.

The “Broadcast with” feature will allow you to invite more people to your live stream, where you can interact. The Facebook Live video session time limit is eight hours

As the host, you can select multiple participants to join a broadcast, who can also join from a mobile device. Currently, “Stream With” is not available on desktop or in Live Producer.

from the messenger room

Step by step to invite friends to a Facebook Live 1

Instead, it is possible to organize a meeting from Messenger Rooms to make it more interactive. This feature allows you to turn your website into a regular Facebook live stream.

You can easily upload up to 50 people to a Facebook profile, page or group that you manage.

Whether you’re hosting a book club, interviewing a panel of experts, hosting a fitness class, or streaming with your friends for fun, live streaming from a single room just got easier.

live interactive tools

Step by step to invite friends to a Facebook Live

Now, whether you go live with friends or by yourself, you have the tools for meaningful communication with your audience and more control over how you interact.

This includes live polls, featured links, live story streams, live comment moderation, top leaderboards, badges, and more.

Live polls can be created before the broadcast starts and shared with attendees. This is done to receive real-time alerts on important topics.

On the other hand, with Live Streams in Stories, you can share live streams directly to Facebook to maximize the reach of your content for your audience.

With live comment moderation, you can manage the conversation around your content. You can also designate a specific person watching the stream to moderate comments on your behalf.

The Front Row feature highlights top fans in a special live stream section. This feature lets you see who your most loyal fans are.

Finally, badges help understand the level of fan engagement with content and make them feel appreciated. “Fans can earn different badges in different ways, like racking up stars and following live streams,” the platform said.

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