How to Create a Google Meet Room

      How to Create a Google Meet Room


      Creating a Google Meet Room is an online method that can be used to get things done, such as meetings and other needs.

      With the development of technology, now using Google Meet is quite easy, you can create a Google Meet room on your laptop and you can even create a Google Meet room on your cellphone , because cellphones, especially Android and iOS, are now far advanced so that they can operate like a laptop or computer.

      However, there are several steps to create a Google Meet room, so on this occasion, will discuss how to create a Google Meet Room, the explanation is as follows:

      What is Google Meet?

      Google Meet is one of the services provided by Google which functions for online video conferencing purposes.

      Google Meet is also known as Google Hangouts Meet, which was originally intended for business people.

      With this application or service, it is hoped that it will be able to help work online when working from home and what is interesting about this Google service is that the maximum capacity in 1 room is 30 users or users.

      How to Create a Google Meet Room

      As described above, technological developments are now far advanced, this makes use of an application or software work on a cellphone or laptop, just like Google Meet, which is compatible on cellphones and laptops or PCs.

      To create a Google Meet room on a cellphone or PC, do it like this:

      1. How to make Google Meet on HP

      For those of you who want to create a Google Meet room on your cellphone, here’s how;

      1. Please download and install the Google Meet application on the Playstore or App Store.
      2. Then log in to a Google account, if you don’t have a Google account, read on: How to Create a Gmail Account
      3. After you log in, here you can immediately have group conversations using either group video conferencing or group chat.
      1. The way you only need to press the button or logo (+) on the lower right side > select New Video Call.
      2. Next, you will be asked to add participants by entering the cellphone numbers or email addresses of the members you want to invite to the Google Meet chat room.
      3. After that, you inform all the users that you invite so that they immediately enter the conference that you have created.

      2. How to Create Google Meet on a Laptop

      It’s a little different from Google Meet on your cellphone, for laptop/pc users you can enter right away without the need to download or install it on your laptop or PC, with your laptop you can create Google Meet rooms, in the following way:

      1. After your laptop/pc is connected to the internet, then visit the official Google Meet website using your browser
      2. Next, click Sign In (Login) on the top right, read How to Create a Gmail Account if you don’t have a Google account yet.
      3. After that you are on the front page of Google Meet, where there are 2 options, including:
        1. New Meeting (to create an instant room, create a room for later, and schedule the room according to the date you specify)
        2. Enter the Code or Link (To enter a room that has been made by someone else)
      4. To create a google meet room, you can press new meeting > Start an instant meeting > To open a room right away (Schedule on the calendar to create a room according to a predetermined date)
      5. After you click “Start Instant Meeting”, it will look as follows:
      6. Please copy the link and share it with the people you invite to the meeting or you can add people
      7. Automatically this Google Meet site or web will also ask for access and permission to use the microphone and camera from the laptop or PC that you are using.
      8. After that, wait for the users you invite to enter the room you created.
      9. Done, you have succeeded in creating a google meet room.

      The final word

      So, that’s the way to create a Google Meet room on your cellphone or laptop. Using Google Meet, it is hoped that it will make it easier to complete work that is done from home.

      Apart from Google Meet, there are similar applications such as Zoom, which also uses the same method. thank you for reading this article to the end.

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