What is Chat GPT? Chat GPT Is The End Of Google in 2023

      What is Chat GPT?


      Chat GPT is an open AI that is also recognized as one of the most recent language models. This wonder is a creation of some of the world’s smartest personalities. Altman, Elon Musk, and other investors belong to silicon valley.

      Chat Gpt was created in the year 2015 as a non-profit organization. This language model is created and trained for conversational engagements.

      In this discussion, we’re going to have to talk about this latest model of language and know some really interesting facts about Chat Gpt. So, if you’re to know about Chat Gpt then read the complete discussion. 

      Origin of Chat Gpt 

      What is Chat GPT?

      This language model is created by Sam Altman. The company of Sam Altman Open AI introduced the concept of ChatGpt on 30 November. This innovation brings a storm in the world of the internet.

      Altman and Elon are the sponsors of this AI which is capable of understanding the speed of humans. Also, it has algorithms that are capable of producing in-depth writing which is appropriate while typing a text to a friend. 

      This has great worth in the field of technology because it can easily be used to stimulate automated customer service chat.

      With the use of different algorithms and analyses, this AI is capable of searching for the most appropriate answer for the customer.

      So, companies who’re providing customer service to their customers can use this AI to deal with customers without any contact. 

      More about Chat Opt 

      Well, the features of chat opt are not over yet. This technology is beyond its limits and there is a lot more to know about it. So, let’s see some more facts and features about Chat Opt. 

      Communication format 

      Chat GPT is an AI that works on communication in a conversational format. This technology solved plenty of issues faced by plenty of software companies.

      It was found that the previous bots are unable to answer some of the specified questions and due to this companies face issues and have less customer satisfaction rate. 

      This AI gives the option to the user whether they’re understanding their conversational format or not.

      If not then suggest the best ways in which the company provides to deal with the issues.

      This is quite better than the currently used technologies that stuck you on specified solutions without considering whether the issue got solved or not. 

      Comparatively more dynamical 

      The approach of conversation which is used in GPT-3 is comparatively less dramatic as compared to the chat opt. The introduction of Chat GPT will enhance the dramatic conversation between the customers and AI. 

      The world of technology depends upon the number, algorithms, and predetermined strategies. Games like Chess, Poker, Atari, and Go are the biggest examples of businesses that use strategies, analytics, and predetermined rules and prizes to operate fluently.

      Techniques and Algorithms

      Everything in these games is predetermined and due to this, collecting the data of customer feedback is a challenging task. 

      This Open AI is very helpful to do so. With Chat GPT, companies can create conversational windows with the customer so that the company gets the data on customer satisfaction manually.

      Chat GPTcreates a mechanism that allows the customer to provide human feedback and experience to the owner of the platform. 


      Chat GPT is a language model which attains the ability to respond over everything.

      A student, a Scientist, a mathematician, and a musician can freely use this language model to get the most appropriate answer regarding their query.

      This is not an AI that is only used for commercial conversations but is also very useful for normal daily life tasks and suggestions. 

      Instead of searching for a keyword over the internet and searching for the best and most useful web page after spending minutes, this chat box will complete the task on your behalf and save you time.

      Also, you’ll get the best results among so many web pages available on the internet. We can conclude that this new GPT can change the way of using the search engine. 

      GPT-3.5 language 

      This platform has been available for public use without any restrictions since 2015. On November 30, when this AI-powered chatbot is set to be used for the general public, anyone can use this by just completing the log-in and sign-up process.

      This technology replaced the use of GPT-3 and came with the introduction of GPT-3.5 technology. 

      Well, it is not the complete version of this Language model. Chat GPT is still not completely ready to use the language model.

      This category of technology still requires various tests and there are plenty of new benchmarks set to test the usability of this technology. 

      Elon’s approach 

      The world knows about Elon Musk, he is one of the biggest entrepreneurs of this century. When Elon learned that OpenaI was using Twitter’s dataset to train the GPT model then he didn’t take a second to place a halt on it.

      OpenAI is a revolutionary technology and this halt Elon gives an instinct that Open AI is not going to be open-source technology in the future.

      Yes, currently it is free to use but people pay a good amount when they become habitual to this technology to get the knowledge required.

      Let us know with an example:- Chat GPT (A 3.5 GPT technology) can write hundreds of python codes by just Phrasing the python codes. This is insane and becomes one of the most worthy techs for the future. 

      Final words 

      Plenty of globally recognized companies have tried to build chatbots but failed in the creation of an AI which can deal with the conversational mechanism.

      Chat GPT is a revolutionary technology that is very useful for business purposes and personal use.

      Well, this tech is free to use and anyone can easily use this tech without paying any amount. Users just have to complete the sign-up process and login with the credentials to use the free version of Chat GPT.

      Open AI is still working to improve this model and remove all the possible bugs. 

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