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Erika Erika Putri viral video went viral on Twitter and Reddit


Erika Erika Putri has taken the internet by storm with her hilarious prank video that has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit!

This hilarious video of Erika Erika Putri playing a prank on an unsuspecting Ojol driver has gained traction with thousands of views, likes, and comments. 

The video has quickly become one of the most talked about viral videos on social media, and it’s clear why it’s gaining so much attention. 

It’s an entertaining, funny, and unique video that viewers can’t help but share with their friends and family. Erika Erika Putri’s viral video is one to watch!

Who is Erika Erika Putri?

Erika Erika Putri viral video

Erika Erika Putri is an Indonesian content creator who recently went viral on social media with her prank video. She is a comedian and influencer known for her prank videos, skits, and sketches.

She often posts comedic videos on her Instagram account to entertain her audience.

She also has a YouTube channel where she uploads longer-form content, such as vlogs and challenge videos. 

She has over 3 million followers on Instagram and is rapidly gaining popularity due to her funny videos and ability to engage with her fans. She is now one of the most talked-about personalities in Indonesia.

What is the viral prank video?

Erika Erika Putri is an Indonesian internet star, and her viral prank video has taken the internet by storm! In the video, Putri walks down a quiet street wearing sunglasses and a face mask. 

She then approaches a scooter driver and asks him to take her to a nearby gas station. The driver agrees, but little does he know she has a plan. 

When they arrive at the gas station, Putri informs the driver that she will buy a large fuel tank and needs his help carrying it back to her house.

To make things even more interesting, she offers him a large sum if he can do it in less than five minutes. 

The driver agrees and goes to fill up the tank. After a few moments, Putri springs her prank – she reveals that she has been filming the entire time and asks him to say something funny so that she can post it on social media. 

The driver was not amused, but her prank went viral nonetheless!

How did the video go viral?

Erika Erika Putri viral video was first shared on Twitter and quickly spread across the internet.

It was initially shared by Twitter user @joko_88, who posted a clip of the prank alongside the caption “Aku mau ngerjain temen aku” (“I want to prank my friend”).

 From there, the video gained traction in Indonesian online communities, spreading to Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

The video began to go viral when it was featured on news outlets such as Detik and Kompas.

That increased its visibility, resulting in even more shares and discussion. People began creating memes and jokes based on the video, spreading it online.

That is not the first time that Erika Erika Putri has made a viral video. Previously, she has created other videos that have become popular online, such as her lip sync videos and skits. 

Her videos have become popular because of her unique comedic style, which often combines elements of traditional Indonesian humor with modern technology.

What are people saying about the video?

People are talking about Erika Erika Putri’s viral prank video on Twitter and Reddit. People are both shocked and impressed by her boldness in the video. 

Many have praised her for her quick thinking and creativity in creating such an impactful prank. Some have even admired her fearlessness in pulling off the trick. 

Others have commended her for taking a stand against the so-called “ojol culture,” a term used to describe people who take advantage of their status as drivers to obtain favors from people. 

By showcasing her prank video, she has highlighted the unjust behaviors among many ojol drivers. 

Many have also expressed their support for Erika Erika Putri and her prank video, offering words of encouragement and positive comments. 

Some have even created memes to show their appreciation for her work.

The viral nature of the video has also sparked debates online, with some seeing it as a means of showing support for female empowerment while others see it as too extreme and dangerous. 

Most people praise Erika Erika Putri’s viral prank video and applaud her efforts in standing up against ojol culture.

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