Without Compressing Photos, Here’s How to Use the Latest WhatsApp Features You Should Know

      Without Compressing Photos whatsapp features

      Here’s how to use the send photo feature on WhatsApp without compressing photos so that the photos received are in original resolution.

      Compressing photos is a way to reduce the size of a photo so that in terms of quality it is possible that the sharpness of the photo will decrease.

      The presence of WhatsApp as an instant messaging service certainly brings great convenience to users, especially when it comes to sending photos.

      However, the problem is that when sending photos on WhatsApp , users experience difficulties because the photos sent are automatically compressed into a smaller size.

      Here’s how to send photos on WhatsApp without compressing photos :

      1. Open the WhatsApp application on your cellphone or desktop;

      2. Select the contact to whom you will send the photo;

      3. Press the pin icon on the right of the application;

      4. Then select the document icon;

      5. Next you are directed to select photos to send;

      6. Done

      That was how to send photos on WhatsApp without compressing photos that we managed to summarize briefly.

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