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Selena Green Vargas Reddit Photos and Video Viral


Selena Green Vargas from Rochester, NY, gained notoriety for her involvement in at least two adu-lt films back in 2014 while dating a U.S. Army soldier.

According to a friend who played hockey with the soldier in New York, the soldier discovered the adu-lt films when he returned from his army deployment. The revelation led to their breakup, but they seemingly remained on good terms as he lent her his car when he went away for a second time. During this period, she reportedly filmed a second bold video.

Selena Green Vargas Reddit Photos and Video Viral

A photo of the couple went viral on 4chan, an image board website known for anonymous postings. 4chan users quickly identified Vargas as an adu-lt film actress, aided by her lack of a stage name and her wearing the same clothes in both the films and her boyfriend’s graduation.

While infidelity during soldiers’ deployments is not uncommon, this story stands out due to the lasting impact of social media and the internet on the narrative of her infidelity.

Who Is Selena Green Vargas?

Selena Green Vargas Reddit Photos and Video Viral

Selena Vargas, born on July 19, 1990, in Bellflower, California, initially had the potential to pursue a career as an Instagram model before entering the adult industry. While her video count may be limited, Selena has garnered a significant audience with over 14 million views on major video platforms.

Vargas’s bold film, produced by a now-defunct company, still exists online despite her efforts to have it removed. Allegedly, her employer at Toddler’s Workshop in Webster, NY, advised her to take action against the videos.

The video’s persistence can be attributed to the dubious practices of the company’s owners. In 2019, Ruben Andre Garcia and other producers were found guilty of coercing and intimidating 22 women into explicit content. Garcia, the male performer in most videos, received a 20-year prison sentence in June 2021.

The producers misled the women by falsely claiming the videos would only be distributed abroad and to private collectors. However, the content ended up on their adult film website and was mirrored on other platforms, reaching millions of viewers. The women faced doxing on these sites, leading to harassment at their workplaces and schools.

Despite her attempts, Vargas struggled to remove the videos, emphasizing the enduring challenges faced by those involved in such situations.

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