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Who Is IGGY AZALEA VIDEO Viral On Twitter and Reddit


In the past few years, an Australian rapper named Iggy Azalea shows a drastic change in her personality and profession. Iggy Azalea is one of the finest Australian rappers working in the United States. 

The world is talking about the drastic transformation of this personality which amazes the world. Now, the news also confirmed that Azalea is also going to see Donald Trump in the upcoming days. 

Her songs and videos are getting viral on plenty of social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, and many others. In this discussion, we’re going to talk about the Iggy Azalea viral video and tell you some need-to-know things regarding Iggy Azalea. 

Who is Iggy Azalea? 

Iggy azalea video viral

Iggy Azalea is an Australian-American Hip Hop artist working in the United States. This singer has a unique personality which makes her more attractive.

So, she is doing great work in the hip-hop industry and got high popularity globally, especially in the African American community. 

Early Life 

Iggy Azalea was born on 7th June 1990 in an Australian city. The name Iggy Azalea is not her real name, the real name of Iggy Azalea is Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

The name Iggy Azalea is a professional name of Kelly and she is getting recognized with this name.

At the age of 16 years, she dedicated herself to moving to the USA to pursue her career in the music industry. She was born in Sydney and currently, she is around 32 years old. 

She started her career in 2011, since her childhood she wanted to be a singer and at the age of 16 years she turned to the United States and started pursuing her career. 


Her parents live in Australia. Iggy got married in the year 2018 to Playboi Carti. Their marriage stays for 2 years and in the year 20,20, they are dedicated to being separated. She has a cute child from her first marriage. 

Career Of Iggy Azalea 

Iggy Azalea was getting signed by plenty of recognized labels like Grand Hostel Mercury, Bad dreams island, and many more. Their family background Iggy was not good, especially at an early age of Iggy.

Her father was a painter and her mother Tanya works in hotels. 

Iggy azalea started rapping at the age of 14 years and at the age of 16 years she started her career. She got recognition globally with the song named Pussy and Two times which are released on Youtube. 

These songs went viral and people started listening to the rap Iggy. 


She is one of the most stylish, popular, and glamorous rappers in the United States. Iggy is also recognized as the 4tg best rapper in the United States.

Also, she ranked top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Not only this but Azalea is also getting nominated for the Grammy Awards. 


Iggy won plenty of awards and recognitions after her transformation but there are plenty of people who criticize her for having a rough and unclear accent. 

Also, the dimensions become a big problem for her accent. She stopped making songs for some time and started working on her unclear accent. 

After transformation, this issue gets corrected and she again starts making songs with full energy. 

Iggy Azalea Viral Video

Iggy Azalea is a social media celebrity and creates entertaining videos for her fans. Plenty of her videos are getting viral over the internet. 

Recently, a video was released where Iggy Azalea announced an update regarding the upcoming song. Fans are going to enjoy her song very soon. Be updated with us and whenever we get any updates then we’ll notify you. 

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