Mackenzie Shirilla Car Crash Video

      Mackenzie Shirilla Car Crash Video


      Mackenzie Shirilla, a 19-year-old girl, has been sentenced to life in prison for causing a car crash that killed her boyfriend and another friend. She intentionally drove the car into a brick wall after smoking marijuana with them. Her boyfriend, Dominic Russo, and his friend Davion Flanagan died in the crash, while Mackenzie survived.

      Mackenzie Shirilla Car Crash Video

      Mackenzie Shirilla Car Video

      Despite causing their deaths, Mackenzie Shirilla paid tribute to Dominic online just a month after the incident. She left multiple messages on his online obituary, expressing her sadness and saying he didn’t deserve to die. She even posted a photo of them together at Universal Studios, saying she missed him and wished she could see him again.

      During the court hearing, prosecutors argued that Mackenzie purposely crashed the car to kill Dominic. However, her lawyer claimed it was an accident, and she didn’t mean to harm anyone.

      Mackenzie Shirilla Car Crash

      On Monday, the judge found Mackenzie guilty of all charges, including murder and drug possession. She was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 15 years.

      Who is Frank Russo?

      Frank Russo is the father of Dominic Russo, Mackenzie Shirilla’s boyfriend who died in the car crash. He doesn’t support the idea of Mackenzie being sent to jail for life. Despite his own loss, he doesn’t want her life to be ruined as well, saying it won’t make him feel any better.

      Mackenzie Shirilla Car Crash Video

      How did the accident happen?

      The accident happened on July 31, 2016, at 5:30 am in the Strongsville neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. Mackenzie was driving the car at a dangerously high speed when it crashed into a building wall. All three of them had been using marijuana, and the police also found magic mushrooms at the scene.

      Mackenzie Shirilla’s family insists it was an accident and that she lost control of the car. However, a text message she sent to Dominic’s mother, where she expressed confusion and mentioned seeking hypnosis to recall the events, was presented in court. In the message, she expressed frustration over her inability to remember anything after turning onto the street.

      Frank Russo wishes Mackenzie would stop pretending she didn’t witness the crash and just tell the truth about what happened. He believes if she were honest, it might lead to a reduced sentence.

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