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Mellstroy Punch Girl Video Viral on Twitter

Subscribers of the online streamer Andrei Burim, popularly known as Mellstroy, were witnesses to an unfortunate incident. During a live stream, Andrey displayed inappropriate behavior towards the aspiring young blogger Alena Efremova, who sought to gain subscribers and fame through the stream. The incident has now prompted an investigation by the prosecutor’s office.

In the realm of online streaming, where famous bloggers interact with fans and share aspects of their daily lives, a heated argument unfolded between blogger Andrei Burim and Alena Efremova, who aspired for online recognition. Following a subscriber’s request for the blogger to undress, the situation escalated as the individuals engaged in provocative exchanges.

Alena Efremova Mellstroy Punch Girl Video

Mellstroy Punch Girl Video Viral on Twitter 1

At one point, Burim physically confronted Efremova, grabbing her by the neck and slamming her on the table. It was evident that both parties were under the influence of alcohol. Post the altercation, Efremova attempted to leave, but Burim prevented her from doing so.

Expressing concern for her safety, Efremova stated on Instagram, “This person is mentally unstable and can cause serious physical harm to health. Similar situations have occurred before, and administrative responsibility hangs over him.”

Perm social activist Mikhail Netsvetaev took action by appealing to the prosecutor’s office, urging the blockage of the blogger’s channel on YouTube, Instagram, and VKontakte. Netsvetaev argued that the account openly displayed violence, indecency, and aggressive behavior towards women.

Andrei Burim frequently involved different girls in his streams, positioning them near the camera and posing provocative questions, often leading to the humiliation of individuals. During the recent incident, he went beyond acceptable boundaries, as noted by the activist on Instagram, expressing surprise at the lack of intervention from those present to prevent the assault.

Confirming acceptance of Netsvetaev’s appeal, the prosecutor’s office is currently verifying the information. Following the necessary procedures, Mellstroy’s content will be assessed by Roskomnadzor. In the meantime, Andrei’s VKontakte page and YouTube channel have already been blocked.

Legal repercussions may follow for Andrei Burim, as stated by a lawyer, in the event of confirmed injuries such as a broken jaw. If verified, the blogger could face up to five years in prison under Article 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for intentional infliction of moderate harm to health.

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