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Monica and her Mom Video Viral on Twitter

Monica Garcia, known for her role in “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” (RHOSLC), recently found herself at the center of a heated exchange captured in a viral video with her mom. The intense argument unfolded post-Greek Easter party hosted by Angie Katsanevas, shedding light on family conflicts and Monica’s dynamics within the reality show.

Monica and her Mom Video Viral on Twitter

The video, seemingly recorded by Monica herself without her mom’s knowledge, exposes a raw confrontation between the two. Linda, Monica’s mom, criticizes her daughter for not adhering to the expected dynamics of reality TV, stressing Monica’s role in securing airtime by playing nice with co-stars.

monica and her mom video tw

Tensions escalate as Linda urges Monica to maintain a harmonious facade for the show, calling her an “actress” who needs to pretend everything is fine. Monica retaliates, accusing her mom of abandoning her at the party, leading to a heated exchange of accusations and frustrations.

The climax sees Monica forcefully kicking her mom out of her house amid harsh insults, highlighting the strained relationship between the two.

This scandal offers a sneak peek into the tumultuous world of reality television, leaving RHOSLC fans eagerly awaiting Monica’s address of the controversy in the upcoming reunion episode.

Monica took to social media to address the leaked video, pointing fingers at her ex-best friend and Heather Gay’s stylist, Tenesha Luckett, for its release. She claims Luckett possesses damaging information about her, promising viewers a “full-blown takedown” orchestrated by Luckett.

The leaked video and its aftermath have undoubtedly added intrigue to Monica’s presence on RHOSLC, leaving viewers eager for more details and the repercussions of this latest scandal.

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