Moriah Mills Video Leaks

      Moriah Mills Video Leaks 1


      As of Tuesday afternoon, Moriah Mills’ Twitter account appears to have been suspended. The action followed a series of tweets in which the OnlyFans model threatened to post a sex tape of herself and NBA star Zion Williamson without his consent, allegedly in retaliation for Williamson’s alleged infidelity.

      Moriah Mills Video Leaks

      Moriah Mills Video Leaks

      Moriah Mills’ threats to release a sex tape without Williamson’s consent constitute a criminal act that violates the revenge pornography laws of both Georgia, where Mills lives, and Louisiana, where Williamson lives. In addition, according to the law, her actions can be considered extortion.

      Despite the illegality of her actions, Mills continued to publicly threaten Williamson, either demanding money or humiliating him further. She warned of potential consequences for Williamson, including losing endorsements and being traded from his NBA team, the New Orleans Pelicans.

      Who is Moriah Mills?

      OnlyFans star and music artist Moriah Mills criticized NBA star Zion Williamson on social media, particularly in light of his announcement that he is expecting a child with his girlfriend Ahkeema.

      Mills originally began her public accusations against Williamson after he and his girlfriend, Instagram model Ahkima, announced they were pregnant. Mills targeted Williamson with a barrage of tweets, including aggressive details about their alleged relationship, body shaming, and ridiculing his girlfriend.

      While some screenshots posted by Moriah Mills suggest a paid sexual relationship between her and Williamson, Williamson himself has not commented on the matter. The nature of their relationship and whether they understood it to be exclusive remains unclear.

      Moriah Mills Video Leaks

      Despite the serious nature of the threats made against him, Williamson has not received significant public support from his employer, the New Orleans Pelicans. Rumors suggest the organization is considering trading him, and “senior officials” within the organization find the situation repugnant.

      It’s important to remember that Williamson is a young NBA star who may have suddenly found his wealth and fame. While a consensual relationship is not unexpected for people in his position, he does not deserve to be harassed, publicly humiliated, or threatened with criminal activity.

      The lack of public support from his team raises questions about the full extent of the situation. However, whatever the circumstances, Williamson deserves fair treatment and support from both his employer and the public.

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