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Mujer y Perro Video Viral on Social Media

Unfortunately, cases of animal abuse are on the rise in Mexico, despite authorities emphasizing the criminal implications, including imprisonment, for those found guilty. Despite these warnings and laws that protect animals, a terrible incident in Jalisco highlighted the severity of the issue. A woman was seen inciting her dog to attack another dog, which led to the dog’s tragic death.

Mujer y Perro Shocking Incident in Tonalá, Jalisco

Mujer y Perro Video Viral on Social Media 2

The incident occurred in the municipality of Tonalá, Jalisco. Local residents confronted the woman, who was walking her Husky on public roads. Under her orders, the Husky attacked a homeless white dog. Although both dogs were of similar size, the Husky appeared stronger. The woman even used the leash to choke the defenseless dog, which sadly did not survive.

Residents of the Fuentes del Nilo neighborhood reported the attack on August 10. This incident has sparked calls for tougher penalties for animal abuse across the country. There are also demands for an immediate investigation into the woman and for the Husky to be secured, as there are concerns the dog might pose a risk to other animals and people under the woman’s control. The woman, identified as being between 30 to 34 years old, is now under public scrutiny.

Details of the Incident

Witnesses identified the aggressor as Berenice, who was walking her dog through the neighborhood. It remains unclear what prompted her to incite the attack. Neighbors attempted to intervene and save the white dog, but it succumbed to its injuries from bites to the neck and strangulation by the leash.

One witness, who tried to defend the white dog, reported: “I was the person who defended the dog, but unfortunately he died. When I was going back to my house, she kept arguing with the neighbor who in the second video is wearing a black blouse and green tights.”

Public Outcry and Response

Mujer y Perro video

Leticia Varela, head of the Animal Surveillance Brigade (BVA) of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City, shared strong images of the incident. The footage shows neighbors confronting Berenice, who responds with offensive language. In a second video, a citizen drags the lifeless dog away to prevent further attacks by the Husky. During this confrontation, Berenice made threats, and neighbors urged each other not to fear her.

Witnesses, including Daniela Bono, who made the images viral, reported that Berenice returned home 15 minutes after the incident, threatening and demanding the deletion of the videos. Despite the threats, Bono refused, leading Berenice to order her Husky to attack Bono, causing multiple injuries. The Tonalá Police are now searching for Berenice, but it remains unclear if a formal operation to apprehend her is underway. The Husky has already injured a woman, adding to the urgency.

Community Concerns and Official Action

Neighbors in the Fuentes del Nilo neighborhood assert this is not the first complaint against Berenice. She allegedly uses her dog to intimidate others, prompting residents to urge authorities to take action. It is currently unknown if a formal complaint has been filed or if the issue remains within the realm of public outcry on social media. The community continues to seek justice and ensure the safety of their neighborhood.

This disturbing case underscores the need for stronger enforcement of animal protection laws and swift action against those who perpetrate such acts.

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