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Portal Zacarias Karina Assis Video

The tragic murder of Karina Assis, also known as Ariela, shook the community when she was shot around 13 times on Wednesday, February 2nd.

Who is Karina Assis?

Karina, known as Ariela, was a familiar face in the CCTV Video Portal Zacarias area of Zone 02, known for its association with drug trafficking and the enforcement of silence. While she was formerly associated with the Comando Vermelho group, she had recently switched allegiances to the Primeiro Comando da Capital, a move that may have led to her targeted attack.

The motive behind Karina’s murder appears to be linked to a factional feud. In a video circulating on social media, Karina herself stated her intention to leave the CV and join the PCC.

Portal Zacarias Karina Assis Video

Regional Police Delegate Dr. Ricardo Rodrigues is currently investigating the case, emphasizing that it’s premature to make any conclusions. The murder took place on Rua Bolivia in Setor 02 of Ariquemes around 3:10 pm on Wednesday afternoon.

The shift in Karina Assis’s allegiance between criminal groups is considered a severe betrayal by organized crime. It’s suspected that her former CV associates retaliated against her for joining the PCC, as a warning to others considering a similar switch.

When asked about the progress of the investigation

Delegate Ricardo Rodrigues urged caution in speculating about the circumstances and motives behind Karina Assis’s murder. He assured that the police are working diligently on several investigative leads but emphasized the need for secrecy at this stage. Ricardo is committed to resolving the case promptly and promised to keep the public informed of any developments regarding the investigation into Karina Assis’s murder.

Portal Zacarias Karina Assis Video 1

Witnesses reported that Karina was walking along Rua Bolivia when two armed men on a motorcycle ambushed her, firing approximately 13 shots. Karina succumbed to her injuries at the scene before medical assistance could arrive.

The Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU) unit was present but found Karina Assis without vital signs upon arrival. Forensic experts conducted an examination of the crime scene shortly after the incident, while investigators began the search for the perpetrators.

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