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Who is QTCinderella? Qtcinderella Banned Twitter


Welcome to this article discussing the recent controversy surrounding Qtcinderella and the Deepfake Video incident. Whether you’re familiar with Qtcinderella or hearing about this for the first time, this article will delve into the key details surrounding the issue, so stick around for the full story.

Recently, there was a surge in the circulation of sensitive videos purportedly featuring Qtcinderella across various social media platforms. Initially surfacing on a Deepfake 18+ website, these videos have been confirmed as fabricated. The content in question involves Qtcinderella’s face being digitally manipulated onto explicit material and disseminated online. The dissemination of these counterfeit videos gained significant traction on Reddit.

What’s the story behind Qtcinderella’s recent controversy?

Who is QTCinderella? Qtcinderella Banned Twitter

Qtcinderella, a popular Twitch streamer known for her gaming content, found herself at the center of a heated debate. Here’s what went down: According to reports circulating on Telegram, Twitch streamer Atrioc hosted a live stream on his account where he visited an adult website.

During this stream, Atrioc and his viewers stumbled upon videos featuring other female streamers, including Qtcinderella, through an AI-generated process known as Deepfake.

As a result, Qtcinderella and other streamers faced backlash and criticism online, with their reputations tarnished by the unauthorized use of their likeness. In response, Qtcinderella took legal action against those responsible for this invasion of privacy.

Atrioc issued a public apology via a video posted on his Twitch account, expressing remorse for his actions and acknowledging the harm caused to the affected streamers. Despite his tearful apology and commitment to providing compensation, many of the impacted streamers, including Qtcinderella, remained unforgiving.

Who is QTCinderella?

Who is QTCinderella? Qtcinderella Banned Twitter

American YouTuber, QTCinderella, or Blaire as she’s known off-screen, has made a significant mark in the online realm, captivating audiences with her unique blend of humor, talent, and charm. From her early beginnings to her current success, let’s uncover what makes QTCinderella a household name in the digital world.

Is QTCinderella Banned From Twitch?

Renowned streamer Blaire, also known as ‘QTCinderella,’ has been suspended from Twitch. The suspension follows a recent controversy involving the practice of ‘ad farming,’ aimed at inflating revenue without genuine viewer engagement with the content.

Qtcinderella also addressed the incident on her Twitch channel, tearfully expressing her frustration and anger at the harassment and cyberbullying she endured as a result of the Deepfake video. She vowed to take legal action against the website responsible for creating the Deepfake videos and against Atrioc for distributing them widely.

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