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The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals of All Time


Gossip surrounding celebrities and their romantic entanglements is a constant in the entertainment world. Whether it’s tales of new relationships, allegations of infidelity, or messy breakups, the rumor mill is always in motion. However, certain scandals stand out more prominently than others.

These incidents become especially memorable due to the personalities involved, the celebrities‘ willingness to confirm details, or the sheer shock value of the stories.

The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals of All Time 1

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The celebrity couple infidelity cases outlined here not only grabbed headlines but, in some instances, drew the attention of politicians, inspired entire albums, or even elicited condemnation from the official newspaper of Vatican City. Yes, you read that right. Dive into the details of the eight most significant celebrity cheating scandals to ever unfold.

The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals of All Time

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals of All Time

One of Hollywood’s most infamous couples, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, ignited a scandalous affair while working on the film Cleopatra in 1963. Both were married—Taylor to her fourth husband, Eddie Fisher, and Burton to his first wife, Sybil Williams.

The affair, marked by on-set disruptions and paparazzi infiltration, drew criticism from unexpected quarters, including the Vatican’s newspaper, which condemned it as “erotic vagrancy.” Despite the controversy, Taylor and Burton married twice, from 1964 to 1974 and again from 1975 to 1976. As a bonus scandal, Taylor’s relationship with Fisher also began as an affair, complicating their intertwined personal histories.

Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini

The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals of All Time 2

Casablanca star Ingrid Bergman faced public backlash when she engaged in an affair with Roberto Rossellini, the married director of her 1950 film Stromboli. Bergman’s pregnancy during the affair intensified criticism, prompting hate mail and even a proposed bill by a U.S. senator to license movies based on the morality of their stars. The senator accused Bergman of assaulting the institution of marriage. Despite the controversy, Bergman and Rossellini were married from 1950 to 1957, welcoming three children together.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 25-year marriage to Maria Shriver came to an end in 2011 when it was revealed that he had an affair with Mildred Baena, a woman employed in their home, resulting in the birth of their son, Joseph Baena, in 1997. Schwarzenegger confessed to Shriver after completing his term as California’s governor. The actor expressed regret and took responsibility for the pain caused, leading to public apologies and a subsequent attempt to rebuild relationships with his family. Joseph, now a bodybuilder, has established a connection with his father.

Hugh Grant In 1995

The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals of All Time 3

Hugh Grant made headlines for his arrest for soliciting sex from se-x worker Divine Brown while in a long-term relationship with Elizabeth Hurley. Grant faced legal consequences, including a $1,000 fine and mandatory AIDS education. Despite the scandal, Hurley remained supportive, and the couple stayed together until 2000, maintaining a friendship thereafter.

Jude Law

The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals of All Time 4

Jude Law’s engagement to Sienna Miller faced turmoil in 2005 when Daisy Wright, the nanny of Law’s children with ex-wife Sadie Frost, revealed their affair. Law admitted to the indiscretion, publicly apologizing to Miller and their families. Despite attempts to salvage their relationship, Law and Miller ultimately split in 2006, with a brief reunion from 2009 to 2011.


The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals of All Time 5

Jay-Z’s infidelity became a central theme in both Beyoncé’s Lemonade (2016) and his own album, 4:44 (2017). The couple, still together, navigated the challenges of Jay-Z’s unfaithfulness, with both artists using their music to address and heal from the experience. They credited therapy for helping them reach a better place in their relationship.

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals of All Time 6

Kristen Stewart’s intimate photos with Rupert Sanders, the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, surfaced, causing a stir. Stewart, then in a relationship with Robert Pattinson, publicly apologized for her “momentary indiscretion,” expressing deep regret and seeking privacy. The affair led to the end of Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship.

Tristan Thompson

The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals of All Time 7

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson faced multiple cheating scandals, beginning in 2018 with photos of Thompson kissing other women just before Kardashian gave birth to their daughter, True. Additional allegations, including Thompson kissing Kylie Jenner’s friend Jordyn Woods, surfaced. Despite co-parenting, Kardashian and Thompson did not reconcile until 2020. Recent revelations of Thompson fathering a child with Maralee Nichols in 2022 have further complicated their relationship, showcased on The Kardashians.

Amber Heard and Elon Musk

The 9 Biggest Hollywood Cheating Scandals of All Time 8

The ongoing legal dispute between acclaimed actor Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to intensify, now involving accusations of an affair between Heard and tech mogul Elon Musk during her marriage to Depp.

Depp, in his defamation suit against Heard, alleges that Musk had access to their shared residence during their marriage, citing building staff testimonies that support this claim. The alleged encounters reportedly took place around the time of a tumultuous incident between Depp and Heard in Australia.

Despite both Heard and Musk denying any romantic involvement until May 2016, new surveillance footage obtained by The Daily Mail is expected to shed light on Depp’s assertions, depicting Heard and Musk in an affectionate embrace as they exit an elevator.

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