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TikToker Verydarkman Gbola Video Viral on Twitter

There has been a recent controversy involving the popular Nigerian TikToker, VeryDarkman, who allegedly leaked a video of himself engaging in inappropriate activities. The Hot video has gained traction on various platforms, including Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit, causing a stir in Nigerian social media circles.

Reports suggest that a veteran Nigerian blogger named Gestlaufer shared the controversial video due to issues related to Mehbad. It is said that Gestlaufer disapproves of VeryDarkman implicating Mehbad’s wife in the paternity of their child and has cautioned him to steer clear of such bold topics.

Verydarkman Gbola Video Viral on Twitter

Verydarkman Gbola Video Viral

Despite the warning, VeryDarkman continued to discuss the situation, leading to the release of his bold videos. The controversy escalated when VeryDarkman advocated for DNA testing of Mehbad’s son, alleging that Mehbad’s wife had an affair with the singer while he was alive. This sparked anger from Gestlaufer and other social media users.

In response to the leak, VeryDarkman revealed that he had sold bold videos in 2018 due to financial difficulties. The controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, also joined the call for DNA testing of Mehbad’s son.

Gistlovers, a prominent social media figure, posted a video on their Telegram page, showing VeryDarkman in a compromising position, accompanied by derogatory comments about him. VeryDarkman, in turn, defended himself, claiming that hunger drove him to sell his nudes in 2018.

The situation escalated when Kesari, an actress, criticized VeryDarkman for consistently calling out women and questioned his appearance. VeryDarkman responded by mocking Kesari’s appearance and promised to confront her in person.

The controversy has stirred heated discussions on social media, shedding light on the complexities surrounding public figures and their personal lives. The unfolding drama involves accusations, leaks, and confrontations, keeping the online community buzzing with opinions and reactions.

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