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Video del babo cartel de santa


Have you heard about the recently leaked Babo Cartel De Santa Video going trending on Twitter? If you have watched the video and are willing to know about the video then you’re at the right place.

In this discussion, we’re going to examine the video and tell you about the video. 

Babo Cartel De Santa is an underground group of Mexican hip-hop. This Mexican hip-hop group is founded by Hector Ontano and Ronaldo Sifuentes.

This Mexican Hip hop group has 3 members with MC Babo or Babu, DJ Agustín, and Rowan Rabia. MC Babo plays the role of lead vocals and Agustin plays the role of DJ in live shows and Rabia is a beat artist. 

This Mexican Hip Hop group was started in the year 1996 when MC and some friends started singing rap songs.

They named the group Cartel De Santa. In the year 2003, they released an album that became super famous globally.

Video del babo cartel de santa 1

The reason behind the tremendous performance of this album is its songs named “Perros”, “La Peloton”, “Todas Mueren Por Mi” and some others. 

Who is MC Babo?

video del babo cartel de santa

MC is one of the lead artists of the Mexican Hip hop group Cartel day Santa. He is the one who built the band in 1996. This band became very popular in Mexico and is recognized as one of the most popular bands in Mexico. 

When we talk about our personal life then let us tell you that MC Babo never relieved anything regarding his age. The estimated age of MC Babo based on his appearance is around 50 years. 

The controversial issue of del babo cartel de santa 

Cartel De Santa was stuck in a controversial issue in the year April, 2007. In 2007, One of the members of the Cartel De Santa named MC Babo killed the band member accidentally.

He claimed that he shot his band member and killed him. 

He has some issues with one of the famous personalities in Mexico named Juan Miguel Chavez Pimentel.

He was also famous for the name El Micky. He shot him and the bullet hit his leg. But the incident has not happened yet.

He fired another bullet which accidentally hit one of the band members of the MC and the band member died immediately. 

He went to jail and after imprisonment of 9 months, he got free from this case ( 130,000 pesos are also given to the government as a penalty which is around $1,500). 

Babo Cartel De Santa Twitter leaked Video 

A few days ago, a video was posted on Twitter that belongs to Cartel De Santa Twitter leaked video.

This video is getting viral on plenty of social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and many others platforms. 

Plenty of websites are claiming ownership of this video but no one is trustworthy.

The official video is posted on Twitter which you can easily watch online on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube. So, just go and watch the official video on twitter now. 

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