Videos de Chiquito Viral on Telegram

      Videos de Chiquito Viral on Telegram


      The video featuring Chiquito, also known as Jesús Pérez Mejía, has made waves across the internet after it was leaked on X (formerly Twitter) Fernández following an incident in 2023 at La Victoria prison in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he is detained for the death of Joshua Omar.

      Videos de Chiquito viral on Telegram

      Videos de Chiquito Viral on Telegram

      This footage, capturing risqué content of Chiquito during a video call in the penitentiary, quickly gained traction on various social media platforms and even became a topic of discussion on the EstoNoEsRadio podcast on May 2.

      During the podcast, one participant brought up the video, asking if others had seen it, with one individual mentioning they hadn’t seen the ending of the recording.

      The video reveals Chiquito engaging in an intimate moment virtually via a video call, although the identity of the person on the other end remains unknown. Additionally, it’s unclear how Chiquito managed to obtain a mobile device within the prison.

      It’s important to note that sharing such intimate content constitutes a crime, punishable by up to five years in prison in the Dominican Republic.

      Who is Chiquito?

      Well, his real name is Jesús Pérez Mejía, and he’s not exactly a model citizen. Currently incarcerated in La Victoria prison for his involvement in a robbery resulting in a fatality, Chiquito has a troubled past.

      Videos de Chiquito Viral on Telegram

      He’s had run-ins with the law before, notably in 2023 when he was arrested for his role in a robbery that ended tragically. Now locked up in La Victoria, a notorious prison known for its toughness, Chiquito finds himself in a dire situation.

      The release of the Chiquito video sparked outrage, prompting calls for changes within the prison system. People questioned how Chiquito managed to access a phone and why he wasn’t closely monitored. Just like when your parents catch you slacking off, they want answers and solutions to prevent future occurrences.

      There’s a demand for accountability too, akin to catching the class tattletale in a lie. An investigation is underway to uncover how Chiquito acquired the phone and identify any accomplices. It’s like solving a mystery, piecing together clues to prevent similar incidents in the future and learn from past mistakes.

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