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VIDEOS of Karely Ruiz are leaked on twitter and Reddit

Karely Ruiz is again immersed in controversy after videos of the young woman were leaked; The model vented to her fans and talked about it.

The controversy of the Babo of the Santa Cartel has given us something to talk about in the last few hours, because after its uncensored video was leaked,

people have not stopped talking about it, and more so later when the beautiful Only Fans model Karely Ruiz She pointed out that the singer invited her to participate in that video;

But now the controversy has turned to Monterrey, after users on social networks began to trend Karely’s video leaks.

The young woman has already reacted to the subject.

“They are causing a stir because of these videos, they already sent them to me, look guys, I’m not scared because it’s me, I recorded them, I’m already aware that these types of videos were going to come out.

The truth was that I was surprised because Babo’s people came out and then they took something of mine, but it helped me, I don’t know, it’s helping me. I mean, it’s not the first time they’ve burned me,” said the young woman.

Karely Ruiz vents after the leak of her videos

VIDEOS of Karely Ruiz are leaked on twitter and Reddit

After the great controversy that the leak of a series of uncensored videos by Karely Ruiz has raised, the beautiful model made a live broadcast where she responded to her followers how she took the situation,

and although she stressed that it is not something that scares her She remembered how it made her feel the first time this happened to her.

And it is that it was when the young woman rose to fame, because it was an ex-boyfriend of hers who shared her intimate videos of her and that situation brought her several criticisms.

“The first time my videos were uploaded, it was a person I knew and loved very much and it burned me, it was easy for him (…) he uploaded it and everyone criticized, everyone told me,

I saw the comments and every time I It hurt more to see those kinds of comments, I felt bad, I said it’s not fair that people are like that because it’s my life and if I send videos or not send videos it’s my problem.

People are very badly used to throwing away, criticizing, “said the young woman.

“I thought about killing myself,” says Karely Ruiz about the first time her videos were leaked

Karely pointed out that when she was involved in the first controversy that she rose to fame due to the leaking of her intimate videos, her criticism made her feel bad and she even thought about ending her life. .

She highlighted that among some of the comments that were made at that time about the leaked videos, some criticized her body.

But after all that, the young woman got over it and she decided to put her comments aside and take advantage of the controversy to get something out of it “I was smart,” said the young woman.

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