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Who is Jessica jackrabbit Glasgow video becoming viral


Jessica jackrabbit glasgow has become an internet sensation, but many people don’t know who she is. In this article, you will find her story and how she became famous. 

 Jessica jackrabbit glasgow is 22 years old and originally from Australia. She became famous after a video of her went viral on social media. In the video, she is seen running away from a group of kangaroos.

Many people found the video amusing, and it quickly gained attention online. Jessica has since been interviewed by many media outlets and has even appeared on television.

She is now known as the “kangaroo girl,” and her story has inspired many people. 

Jessica is an example of how anyone can become famous nowadays. With the power of social media, anyone can become a household name.

Who is Jessica jackrabbit Glasgow video becoming viral

Jessica jackrabbit Glasgow’s viral

Jessica Glasgow Glasgow is a Scottish journalist who gained notoriety after a video of her reporting on a local football match while wearing a rabbit onesie went viral.

The video, filmed by a fellow journalist, shows Glasgow enthusiastically reporting on the game despite the cold weather.

Glasgow has since become known as the “Jessica Rabbit” reporter and has appeared on several morning shows and talk radio programs to discuss her newfound fame. She has also been interviewed by international media outlets such as The Huffington Post and CNN.

Despite her attention, Glasgow remains humble and down-to-earth, saying she is just doing her job and is happy to make people laugh. 

 Glasgow’s video went viral in November 2016, and she has since appeared on several morning shows and talk radio programs to discuss her newfound fame.

Who is Jessica jackrabbit Glasgow 

Jessica jackrabbit Glasgow is a 20-year-old student at the University of Arizona. She became an internet sensation after a video of her running across campus in a bunny suit went viral.

 Jessica says she got the idea to dress up as a bunny after seeing someone do it at a party. She thought running around campus in a bunny suit would be funny and make people laugh. And that’s precisely what she did.

The video of Jessica running across campus in her bunny suit has been viewed millions of times, making her an internet celebrity. She’s even been featured on television shows and in magazines.

 Jessica is thrilled that her video has brought so much joy to people worldwide. She says she never expected it to become as popular as it has. 

You can follow her on social media to see more of Jessica jackrabbit Glasgow. She’s sure to make you laugh with her next video.

Jessica jackrabbit Glasgow full video reddit & Twitter

In case you missed it, a video of Jessica jackrabbit Glasgow went viral on social media last week. The footage showed the Scottish lass dancing in a field while wearing a traditional kilt.

While some people found the video charming, others quickly pointed out that Jessica was not wearing any underwear. This resulted in the hashtag #jessicajackrabbit trending on Twitter, with many users sharing their cheeky videos and memes.

Jessica responded to the controversy by saying that she was fully aware that her skirt was riding up but didn’t think it was a big deal. 

Jessica handles the situation with grace and humor – keep doing you, girl! 

Chrissy Teigen calls out John Legend for not helping with the dishes

Chrissy Teigen has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, and this week was no different. The model and TV personality took to Twitter to call out her husband, John Legend, for not helping her with the dishes.

I just asked John why he hasn’t loaded the dishwasher in 11 days, and his response was, “I didn’t know it needed to be done” — Christine Teigen (@chrissyteigen) August 12, 2020

While some people were quick to defend John, others couldn’t help but laugh at Chrissy’s predicament. “Same,” tweeted one user.

What is the Jessica jackrabbit Glasgow video?

In September 2016, a video of then-19-year-old Jessica Glasgow went viral. The video, shot by Glasgow’s friend, shows the young woman running through a field while being chased by a jackrabbit.

Glasgow, who is from Scotland, can be seen in the video laughing and trying to outrun the rabbit, which eventually gives up the chase. The video has been viewed millions of times, making Glasgow an internet sensation. 

There is no official name for the video, but it has informally been dubbed the “Jessica jackrabbit Glasgow video.”

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Why did the video become viral?

There are a few reasons the Jessica jackrabbit video became viral. One reason is that the video is funny. It features a cute animal doing something funny, and people love watching videos that make them laugh. Another reason is that the video is unique.

There aren’t many videos of rabbits dancing around like this, so people were curious to see it. Finally, the video was shared by many popular websites and social media accounts, which helped it reach a larger audience. 

Some other reasons the video may have become viral include the fact that it is short and easy to watch, has a catchy title, and features an adorable animal.

How did Jessica react to this situation?

When Jessica Glasgow’s video went viral, she was shocked. She was overwhelmed by the positive response and felt very grateful that she could help make a difference in the world. She had no idea that her simple act of kindness would impact many people. 

 Jessica was surprised and grateful that her kindness positively impacted many people. 


It’s incredible how one video can change your life overnight. Just ask Jessica Rabbit Glasgow, whose dance routine to “Uptown Funk” became a viral sensation. Jessica is now an internet celebrity, with millions of views on her YouTube channel and a massive following on social media.

She’s even been featured on major news outlets like BBC and Good Morning America. It shows that anyone can become a star in today’s digital age.

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